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  • Man in 'threat' tweet case gets some funny backers

    Comedian Stephen Fry is among those supporting a British man appealing his conviction for tweeting that he would blow up an airport if his flight was canceled.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The Fry Chronicles'

    Who else but Stephen Fry could write an autobiography - and a substantial one at that - all organized around the letter C? For this is not just some frivolity tossed off lightly with little thought or engagement. To a remarkable extent, it is a revealing look at a goodly slice of his life, from his school days, through university and into the world of theater, film and television.

  • from the cover

    BOOKS: 'Stephen Fry in America'

    In 1831, French politician and thinker Alexis de Tocqueville visited the still growing United States, traveled widely and took copious notes. He assembled those notes in two volumes, published five years apart, titled "Democracy in America," that are still studied and quoted today. The title "Stephen Fry in America" echoes de Tocqueville's classic, but also puts the reader on notice that the ambition here is scaled back. This isn't an attempt to understand America, Mr. Fry says, as much as to experience it. And it's supposed to be as much a window into the author as subject.

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  • "One of the reasons he turned it down," Mr. Fry explains, "is that he didn't think he liked the idea of his children growing up American."

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  • At the police shooting range, Mr. Fry tells the patient sheriff that the town's name is haiku spelled backwards, badly bungles a witticism ("Just as well you aren't called Traf."

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