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  • Bills seek 10 Commandments, prayers in schools

    Alabama lawmakers are proposing a multitude of school prayer and religious expression bills this session. Legislators say the bills are an effort to push efforts to squash all vestiges of religion from the public square. Opponents called the bills election-year pandering and said the proposals are either unnecessary or unconstitutional.

  • Calling themselves an "Interfaith Coalition," a group of religious leaders leads prayer and protest against Congressional leaders in the Capitol Rotunda, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C., Thursday, July 28, 2011. The group said they were against "immoral budget cuts" and said they felt poor people were not being protected by new budget decisions. (Drew Angerer/The Washington Times)

    Alabama lawmaker wants daily prayers in school, a la Congress

    A new bill from a Republican lawmaker in Alabama would require all schools to start each day with a 15-minute prayer session — just as Congress members do.

  • ** FILE ** (Associated Press)

    Ala. lawmaker proposes castration for sexual predators

    An Alabama lawmaker has proposed a bill for the 2014 legislative session that require convicted sex offenders over the age of 21 whose victims were 12 or younger to be surgically castrated.

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