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Topic - Strauss

==People named Strauss or Strauß or Straus=====A–F===* Adolf Strauß (1879–1973), German Colonel General* Adriaan Strauss (born 1985), South African rugby player* Andrew Strauss (born 1977), English cricket player* Annette Strauss (1924–1998), philanthropist and former mayor of Dallas, Texas* Anselm Strauss (1916–1996), American sociologist* Astrid Strauss (born 1968), East German swimmer* Barry S. Strauss, American classicist and historian* Bill Strauss (born 1916), Scottish footballer* Bruce Strauss (born 1952), American boxer* Christoph Strauss (around 1580–1631), composer* Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908–2009), French anthropologist* Darin Strauss (born 1970), American writer* David Strauss (David Friedrich Strauss or Strauß, 1808–1874), theologian and writer* Donald B. Straus (1916–2007), American educator, author, political advisor* Eduard Strauss (1835–1916), Austrian composer, son of Johann Strauss I* Eric Strauss (born 1960), American biologist, professor at Boston College* Ernst G. Straus (1922–1983), mathematician and assistant to Albert Einstein* Erwin Straus (1891–1975), phenomenologist and neurologist of European origin* Franz Josef Strauss (or Strauß, 1915–1988), German politician* Franz Strauss (1822–1905), German horn player and composer, father of Richard Strauss - Source: Wikipedia

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