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  • This image broadcast on Libyan state television Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011, shows Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi as he addresses the nation in Tripoli, Libya. Col. Gadhafi vowed to fight on against protesters demanding his ouster and die as martyr. (AP Photo/Libya State Television via APTN)

    LYONS: Obama's absence of leadership

    The people's revolt in Libya provides a unique opportunity for President Obama to show leadership and advance a key American interest in helping dictatorships move toward democracy. Unfortunately for the United States, he seems not to understand the opportunity and is failing to advance American interests.

  • Israelis wary of Tehran's warships in Suez

    Iran's first attempt in decades to send warships through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean on Europe's — and NATO's — southern flank could further destabilize the Middle East, a region already reeling from an unprecedented wave of anti-government rebellions.

  • Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (AP Photo)

    Israel claims Iran warships to transit Suez Canal

    Israel's foreign minister claimed Wednesday that Iran is about to send two warships through the Suez Canal for the first time in years, calling it a "provocation," but he offered no evidence. The Egyptian authority that runs the canal denied it.

  • Illustration: Writing on the wall by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

    RABINOVICH: Israel loves Egypt

    For many Israelis following events in Cairo over the past two weeks, it has been like watching the attractive girl next door flowering into a ravishing beauty at the very moment she makes it clear that the affair is over. In truth, it has always been a one-way affair, but in the post-Mubarak era, it will be more difficult to sustain the illusion that one day Egypt might smile back.

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