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  • **FILE** Franco Ciammachilli (right) of Washington waves a rainbow flag, a symbol of gay pride, behind supporters of traditional marriage outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington as the justices began hearing two days of arguments in cases involving gay marriage on March 26, 2013. (Andrew Harnik/The Washington Times)

    Supreme Court rules on gay marriage

  • Gay-marriage backers see public behind them as the Supreme Court weighs the arguments

    After more than two decades of legal battles, rallies, protests and campaigns, proponents of gay marriage say they are increasingly confident as they await their day in court.

  • American Scene: Judge rules against cops' 
stop-and-search policy

    A federal judge has ordered New York City police to stop making trespass stops outside certain privately owned buildings in the Bronx without reasonable suspicion.

  • American Scene: Death penalty voided in killing of rocker’s mom

    The California Supreme Court on Monday tossed out the death sentence of a man convicted of murdering rock guitarist Dave Navarro's mother and her friend nearly 30 years ago — a ruling that could affect the cases of Scott Peterson and other death-row inmates.

  • Death penalty tossed in killing of rocker's mom

    The California Supreme Court on Monday tossed out the death sentence of a man convicted of murdering rock guitarist Dave Navarro's mother and her friend nearly 30 years ago _ a ruling that could affect the cases of Scott Peterson and other death row inmates.

  • Illustration Same-sex Activism by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    RAUM: Judicial activism in Prop. 8 ruling

    In 2008, a majority of Californians voted to approve an amendment affirming that marriage is between a man and a woman. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decided to strike down that amendment, nullifying the will of 7 million California voters.

  • Gay-marriage foes win ruling in California

    Supporters of traditional marriage scored a crucial victory Thursday as the California Supreme Court ruled that sponsors of Proposition 8 and other ballot measures are entitled to defend the initiatives in court when state leaders refuse to do so.

  • Prop 8 hearing weighs backers' standing

    Can proponents of a California citizens' initiative defend it in federal court if state officials refuse to do so?

  • Associated Press
Liberal California law professor Goodwin Liu, nominated Tuesday to the state Supreme Court by Gov. Jerry Brown, said he looked forward "to the opportunity to serve the people of California on our state's highest court."

    For failed Obama nominee, a consolation prize

    University of California at Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu was nominated Tuesday to the California Supreme Court, a scant two months after his candidacy for a federal judgeship was derailed by Republican objections to his left-leaning legal philosophy.

  • FILE - In this March 5, 2009 file photo, US singer Michael Jackson is shown at a press conference in London.  (AP Photo/Joel Ryan, file)

    Court rejects Michael Jackson father's appeal

    A California appeals court rejected a bid Tuesday by Michael Jackson's father to challenge the administration of his son's lucrative estate.

  • Tourists take photos of gay-marriage foes on Thursday in San Francisco. Federal Judge Vaughn Walker gave opponents of same-sex weddings until Aug. 18 to get an injunction from a three-judge appeals court panel to block his ruling allowing the resumption of gay marriages.

    Calif. judge holds off on gay marriage

    A federal judge on Thursday put gay marriages on hold for at least another six days in California, raising hopes among same-sex couples that they soon will be able to tie the knot after years of delays.

  • Culture Briefs

    "Sex, it seems, is everywhere. It pops up in every nook and cranny of our day-to-day lives. We see sex on our television, in our magazines, and on our computers. It is used to sell everything from shampoo to jeans. While once viewed as a sacred mystery, today it has become just another consumer product that can be bought or sold. Sure, people have sold sex since the beginning of history (they don't call prostitution the oldest profession for nothing). What's different now is that the very idea of sex has been commercialized and in the process cheapened.

  • Poll: Gay amendment backed

    More than half of California residents would support amending the state constitution to reverse the California Supreme Court's May 15 decision creating a right to gay marriage, according to a poll published Friday.

  • Lock and load, and wedlock

    In a recent speech to the National Rifle Association, Sen. John McCain presented himself as an advocate of judicial restraint. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee decried "activist judges" who override the will of the people as expressed by their legislative representatives.

  • The court on marriage

    On May 15, 2008, a divided California Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a constitutional right for all couples. The court therefore ordered two sections of state marriage law struck down so that marriage would become available to gay couples. Previously, gay couples could only obtain domestic partnership licenses.

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