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  • Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is escorted by the Senate Judiciary Committee's ranking Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, left, and committee chairman Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, Vermont Democrat, second from left, as she arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, June 28, 2010, for her confirmation hearings before the committee. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

    Divisions on display as Kagan confirmation hearings begin

    Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on Monday appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee for the first of several scheduled days of testimony, as Democrats called her an independent moderate while Republicans portrayed her as liberal ideologue.

  • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fighting Kagan's nomination is a fool's errand

    I am disappointed to learn that some United States Senate Republicans are planning an active fight against the confirmation of associate justice of the Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

  • In this file photo taken March 2, 2010 in Washington, Otis McDonald, one of four plaintiffs in the Chicago handgun ban takes part in a news conference in front of the Supreme Court. Mr. McDonald has said he joined a federal lawsuit to challenge Chicago's 28-year-old handgun ban because he wants a handgun at home to protect himself from gangs. The Supreme Court held Monday June 28, 2010 that the Constitution's Second Amendment restrains government's ability to significantly limit "the right to keep and bear arms," advancing a recent trend by the John Roberts-led bench to embrace gun rights. Monday's decision did not explicitly strike down the Chicago area laws, ordering a federal appeals court to reconsider its ruling. But it left little doubt that they would eventually fall. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

    Justices extend gun-owner rights nationwide

    The Supreme Court says the Constitution's "right to keep and bear arms" applies nationwide as a restraint on the ability of government to limit its application.

  • Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan

    GOP promises tough queries at Kagan hearings

    Elena Kagan returns Monday to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a seat on the Supreme Court hangs in the balance.

  • Inside the Beltway

    It's not just Kaganville. Or Kagantown.

"You vote 'no' on this, you are saying, 'Go ahead and spend millions of dollars... and say whatever you want, ... but we're not going to let the voters know who you are,' " said Rep. Chris Van Hollen.

    House passes campaign bill

    A first push by congressional Democrats to counter a Supreme Court decision allowing business and labor groups to spend freely in political campaigns cleared a big hurdle Thursday, as the House narrowly passed legislation that calls for stricter campaign finance disclosures.

  • **FILE** The Supreme Court (Getty Images)

    High court limits tool for white-collar prosecutors

    The Supreme Court struck a blow to white-collar prosecutors Thursday by limiting the scope of a law that is a favorite of the Justice Department in political and business corruption cases.

  • ** FILE ** Conrad Black

    Justices narrow scope of fraud statute

    Undercutting convictions against Jeffrey Skilling and media magnate Conrad Black, a Supreme Court ruling could affect other high-profile corruption cases against political and business leaders.

  • Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has a new gig on CNN. ASSOCIATED PRESS

    Inside the Beltway

    How long will it take before Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal retires and turns up on cable TV as a proverbial "Pentagon pundit"?

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