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  • Illustration: Kagan and Shariah

    GAFFNEY: Courting Shariah

    Hats off to Sen. Jeff Sessions. The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee has opened up an important new front in the debate over Solicitor General Elena Kagan's fitness to serve on the Supreme Court: her attitude toward the repressive legal code authoritative Islam calls Shariah and her enabling of efforts to insinuate it into this country.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan meets with Sen. Tom Udall, New Mexico Democrat, on Capitol Hill. Newly released e-mails from Elena Kagan's time as an aide to President Clinton portray the Supreme Court nominee as a driven and highly opinionated person with a flair for political tactics and little tolerance for high-flying rhetoric.

    Thousands of documents offer peek at savvy Kagan

    Tens of thousands of pages worth of documents from Elena Kagan's past have left President Obama's Supreme Court nominee relatively unscathed and important details about her still a mystery heading into confirmation hearings for a lifetime job as a justice.

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Supreme Court Justice David Souter

    BAKER: Souter still espousing a 'living' Constitution

    In his Harvard commencement speech, former Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter continued in the footsteps of the late Justice William J. Brennan Jr., whom Justice Souter succeeded. In a 1985 speech at Georgetown University, Brennan altered the debate over lawmaking by judges. He attempted to justify it, saying:

  • Court OKs search of policeman's sexy text messages

    The Supreme Court has upheld the search of a police officer's personal messages on a government-owned pager, saying it did not violate his constitutional rights even though some of the texts were sexually explicit.

  • Court forces 500 labor board cases to be reopened

    More than 500 decisions by the leading federal agency that referees disputes between labor and management will have to be reopened after the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the five-member board had operated illegally when its membership dwindled to two.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan attends a meeting on Capitol Hill. The White House is pressing hard to define Ms. Kagan for Americans before her opponents can.

    Kagan's image gets some help

    The White House quietly is choreographing every aspect of Elena Kagan's march toward a lifetime term on the Supreme Court.

  • ** FILE ** Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have announced plans to block BlackBerry transmissions. (AP Photo)

    Court rejects privacy of texter in narrow ruling

    In its first decision addressing the evolving intersection of communication technologies and workplace etiquette, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that text messages sent by a police officer on department equipment cannot be kept secret from his superiors.

  • Illustration: Elena Kagan

    EDITORIAL: Kagan and Shariah

    Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan faces new questions about her stance on the U.S. military, just 10 days before confirmation hearings are scheduled to begin. Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, wants to know why Ms. Kagan was strangely silent about big money Harvard accepted from a questionable source while she served as the law school's dean.

  • Fla. homeowners lose beach dispute at high court

    The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Florida can undertake beach-widening projects without paying beachfront property owners who lose exclusive access to the water.

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