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  • Illustration: U.S. regulations by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    RAHN: The coming regulatory tsunami

    Knowledgeable officials are expecting a regulatory tsunami after the election. By law, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is required to publish a report each April and October about new regulations that government agencies are considering. OMB failed to publish the April report. The question is why -- what is it hiding?

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  • "All incentives are to regulate more," said Susan Dudley, the director of George Washington University's Regulatory Studies Center, in The Hill.

    Regulation nation: Obama brings 'high water mark' in rules →

  • She writes; "While historically OIRA [the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs] reviews regulations in under 60 days, on average, currently over 70 percent of the regulations under review have been sitting at OIRA for longer than 90 days (the default review time established by executive order), and 10 percent have been there for over a year. All recent presidents, with the exception of Reagan, have issued many more regulations during the last quarter of their administration. But the Obama buildup is unprecedented."

    RAHN: The coming regulatory tsunami →

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