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  • Erykah Badu

    Human rights groups demand answers after Erykah Badu performs for Swaziland dictator

    Human rights groups are crying foul after American R&B singer Erykah Badu sang "Happy Birthday" and gave gifts to Africa's last absolute monarch, King Mswati III of Swaziland.

  • New S. African TB vaccine trials near completion

    The first advanced clinical trials in South Africa for a tuberculosis vaccine are scheduled for completion by early next year, scientists said Tuesday.

  • Swaziland sees protests over wages, drug shortages

    Hundreds of people are protesting in the small kingdom of Swaziland over claims that poor governance by sub-Saharan Africa's sole absolute monarch has led to a shortage of essential medical supplies and a failing economy.

  • Swaziland's cancer treatment funds exhausted

    Swaziland's government has run out of money to send its cancer patients to better equipped clinics and hospitals in neighboring South Africa, a government official said.

  • Cancer treatment funds run out for Swazi patients

    Swaziland's government has run out of money to send its cancer patients to neighboring South Africa for treatment, and a spokeswoman said Thursday the tiny impoverished kingdom does not have any government hospitals that can provide chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

  • AIDS drug supplies dwindling in Swaziland

    Cash-strapped Swaziland's state hospitals have only two months' supplies of AIDS drugs, the country's health minister has told parliament in an assessment that AIDS patients and activists took as a death sentence.

  • AP Exclusive: Millions in malaria drugs stolen

    A global health fund believes millions of dollars worth of its donated malaria drugs have been stolen in recent years, vastly exceeding the levels of theft previously suspected, according to confidential documents obtained by The Associated Press.

  • Crackdown ends protest against Swaziland's king

    Forces loyal to Swaziland's King Mswati III on Tuesday used water cannons and fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at pro-democracy demonstrators to break up a protest against sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch.

  • Swaziland nurses strike, closing public hospitals

    A Swaziland union official says public hospitals closed for three days this week after nurses went on strike in the country with the highest rate of HIV in the world.

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