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  • A pro-Syrian regime supporter shouts slogans while holding a portrait of Syrian President Bashar Assad with Arabic words that read "We all with you," during a rally on Sept. 11, 2011, in Damascus, Syria, to show support for Assad. (Associated Press)

    U.N.: Death toll in Syria unrest at least 2,600

    At least 2,600 have died during the six months of unrest that has swept Syria, the top United Nations' human rights official said Monday.

  • Embassy Row

    Ambassador Robert Ford this week excoriated the Syrian government for its brutal assault on peaceful protests in his strongest words since he became the U.S. envoy in Damascus in January.

  • An anti-Syrian-regime protester waves a Syrian revolutionary flag during a demonstration in Cairo on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011, to show support for Syrian protesters. The Arabic placard reads, "Syrian people say: No for talks, get out." (AP Photo)

    Heavy gunfire in central, north Syria; 11 killed

    A barrage of gunfire by security forces that left residents cowering in their homes killed at least nine people and wounded several others Wednesday in Homs, a hotbed of opposition to President Bashar Assad's autocratic regime, activists and residents said.

  • Assad has 'license to kill,' says Israeli intel chief

    Syrian President Bashar Assad got a "license to kill" anti-government demonstrators because the United Nations failed to impose the kind of tough measures that helped topple Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, according to a former chief of Israeli military intelligence.

  • Briefly

    Syrian soldiers opened fire in the restive city of Homs on Tuesday, and armored vehicles rolled through its streets, activists said, as the U.N. secretary-general urged the world community to take action on Syria.

  • Donald H. Rumsfeld (right), secretary of defense in the George W. Bush administration is interviewed by The Washington Times's Emily Miller at CPAC Alaska 2011. (photo by Jo Anne Reed)

    MILLER: Obama's Libyan mistakes

    Donald Rumsfeld may have left Washington, but his keen eye on world affairs remains instructive. President George W. Bush's defense secretary believes the Obama administration's missteps in Syria and Libya stem from a lack of leadership, absence of a clear mission and faulty coalition building.

  • World Scene

    Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition suffered a new setback and Germany's main opposition parties celebrated gains in a state election Sunday that came as Mrs. Merkel's unpopular government grapples with the eurozone debt crisis and other challenges.

  • In this citizen journalism image made on a mobile phone and provided by Shaam News Network, Anti-Syrian President Bashar Assad protesters hold a banner during a demonstration against the Syrian regime, at Kfar Nebel village, in Edlib province, Syria, on Friday, Sept. 2, 2011. The Associated Press is unable to independently verify the authenticity, content, location or date of this handout photo. (AP Photo/Shaam News Network)

    EU bans imports of Syrian oil over crackdown

    The European Union on Friday imposed an embargo on oil imports from Syria as security forces in the country surrounded mosques in rebellious cities to prevent worshippers from pouring into the streets for anti-government rallies.

  • Syrian President Bashar Assad (right) prays during a service for Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, at the Hafez Assad Mosque in Damascus, Syria, on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011. (AP Photo/SANA)

    Syrian security forces carry out raids, arrests

    Syrian security forces searching for anti-government protesters raided houses in central Syria and made arrests, activists and residents said Wednesday.

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