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  • Raj Rajaratnam

    Economy Briefs

    Facebook has hired the team behind Gowalla, the location service that lets people share where they are using their mobile phones.

  • Scientists find monster black holes, biggest yet

    Scientists have found the biggest black holes known to exist _ each one 10 billion times the size of our sun.

  • NASA finds planet that's just about right for life

    NASA has found a new planet outside our solar system that's eerily similar to Earth in key aspects. Scientists say the temperature on the surface of the planet is about a comfy 72 degrees. Its star could almost be a twin of our sun. It likely has water and land.

  • Microsoft rolls out Xbox TV platform

    Microsoft Corp. is rolling out a new interface for its Xbox game console, one that allows you to navigate through music, movies, TV shows and games with the wave of your hand or the sound of your voice.

  • NASA spacecraft exploring solar system's edge

    More than three decades after launching, NASA's workhorse spacecraft is inching closer to leaving the solar system behind.

  • Samsung can sell disputed devices in US, for now

    A federal judge has blocked Apple Inc.'s attempt to prevent Samsung Electronics Co. from selling certain smartphones and tablets in the U.S. because they allegedly infringe iPhone and iPad patents.

  • A Detroit-based auto analyst who has driven the Chevy Volt says battery-fire concerns are more media hype than a real problem for General Motors. An OnStar safety system notifies GM after a wreck, and the automaker sends out a team within 48 hours to drain the Volt's battery, said Dan Akerson (left), CEO of GM. (Associated Press)

    Industry analyst: GM Volt 'very safe'

    They're not ready to pull the plug on their electric-gas wonder car, but officials at General Motors have clearly shifted to damage-control mode for the sassy but safety-challenged Volt.

  • Online dawdling a common pastime


  • SAP to pay $3.4B for SuccessFactors

    SAP said Saturday it is paying $3.4 billion to acquire SuccessFactors, a software company specializing in human resources tasks. It is the latest move in the escalating rivalry between SAP and Oracle Corp., and underscores the increased interest in technology companies that deliver software over the Internet, or in the so-called "cloud."

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