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  • Belgian newspaper: Google blocking us on searches

    At least three Belgian newspapers are reporting Google is preventing their web sites from being found through its search engine as part of a legal fight accusing the American-based company of copyright infringement.

  • Dawn craft to circle giant asteroid in 1st stop

    After four years sailing through space, the Dawn spacecraft was expected to slip into orbit late Friday around a giant asteroid to begin a yearlong investigation into the origins of the solar system.

  • Beyond Netflix: where else to get your flick fix

    Even with a fee hike, millions of Netflix subscribers will be spending less each month than what it costs two adults to watch a single movie in a theater.

  • Taurus

    Taurus Delivers More Fuel Efficiency

    The new Ford Taurus delivers more of what large sedan customers really want for the 2013 model year - with even better fuel economy, more technology, design refinement, improved craftsmanship and enhanced driving dynamics.

  • Inquiring minds want to know? Google it!

    Researcher Betsy Sparrow was watching the 1944 movie "Gaslight" one evening and wondered who the actress was playing the maid. So she reached for her computer and Googled it.

  • Lady Gaga's YouTube account is suspended

    Even one of online video's biggest stars isn't immune to copyright claims.

  • Google 2Q results show company thriving under Page

    Google Inc. CEO Larry Page's traditionally frosty relationship with Wall Street turned into a warm embrace Thursday after the Internet search leader released strong financial results for its latest quarter.

  • Study at Samsung says cancers unrelated to work

    A study commissioned by Samsung into cancers among six of its semiconductor workers found they were unrelated to exposure to chemicals on the job but the electronics giant is not yet releasing the full results.

  • Behind the increase: Why Netflix is raising prices

    Why is Netflix raising its prices? In part, because the company miscalculated how many people still want to receive DVDs by mail each month, a more expensive service to provide compared with its streamed Internet videos.

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