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  • Chopra hopes to connect minds, bodies with 'Leela'

    At the end of a long day, many gamers zone out by competing in online death matches, or they check out by escaping to virtual realms. Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra is hoping gamers will instead choose to chill out with "Leela," his ambitious new effort to combine gaming and meditation.

  • Space shuttle's science brought payoffs to Earth

    Science from the space shuttle helped open Earth's eyes to the cosmos and sister planets. It created perhaps the most detailed topographical map of Earth. And it even is helping doctors understand, and sometimes fix, what's happening in our aging and ailing bodies.

  • Google: Belgian papers to appear in searches again

    Google began allowing the Web sites of French-language Belgian newspapers to appear in its search results again on Monday, saying it had obtained the papers' legal consent to do so without repercussions.

  • Amazon says gets OK for Calif sales tax referendum Inc. says the California Attorney General's Office has approved its petition for a referendum that would let voters decide whether to overturn a new law that forces online retailers to collect sales taxes in the state.

  • How the poll of boomers was conducted

    The Associated poll on baby boomers' health was conducted June 3-12 and is based on interviews of 1,416 adults, including 1,078 baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964.

  • NASA spacecraft is orbiting massive asteroid

    NASA's Dawn spacecraft was captured into orbit around the massive asteroid Vesta after a 1.7 billion-mile journey and is preparing to begin a study of a surface that may date to the earliest era of the solar system, the space agency said Monday.

  • HTC says ruling finds it violated 2 Apple patents

    Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp. said it believes it has a strong case for an appeal of a U.S. International Trade Commission ruling that HTC violated two Apple Inc. patents.

  • Samsung LED seeks US import ban on Osram products

    A Samsung unit is raising the ante in a patent dispute with a German rival over energy-saving LED lighting amid intensifying legal disputes among global companies jockeying for supremacy in key consumer technologies.

  • American Express to offer coupons via Facebook

    American Express is jumping into the daily deals arena.

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