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  • Study raises new concerns of GPS interference from proposed network

    New test results show that a proposed nationwide wireless broadband network would produce significant interference with GPS systems used for everything from aviation to high-precision timing networks to helping drivers find an unfamiliar address.

  • Baby Einstein creators challenge research anew

    Ever since a University of Washington study showed four years ago that watching videos doesn't make infants smarter, the creators of the Baby Einstein series have been battling the school in court and in the media.

  • VERSACE: Put 'sell side' information in your toolbox

    There are a number of commonalities when managing money — be it as an institutional portfolio manager, a registered investment adviser, a financial planner or a self-directed investor. These include picking investments that one thinks will generate favorable results, a cost-competitive platform on which to execute those investment transactions, and the need for copious amounts of information to test and retest their investment thesis.

  • Gateway laptop computer **FILE PHOTO ** (AP Photo/Gateway)

    Computer chess champ stripped of its four titles

    Yet another world champion has been brought low for suspected use of a banned performance-enhancing substance.

  • Microsoft launches Web-based Office suite

    Microsoft Corp. has officially launched its Web-based email and Office services, part of its ongoing effort to keep Google at bay when it comes to business software.

  • Justin Timberlake part of group buying MySpace

    Justin Timberlake apparently wasn't satisfied with just playing a social media impresario in the movies, so now he's becoming one in real life.

  • Mark Kellner

    KELLNER: A successful test drive for Canon T2i

    This was supposed to be a column about a personal triumph: finding a spot along Chocorua Lake, located in the New Hampshire town of Tamworth, and snapping off some wonderful shots of this glistening lake and its reflection of the sky and nearby Mount Chocorua. It wasn't to be.

  • News Corp sells MySpace for $35M mostly in stock

    News Corp. has sold struggling social networking site MySpace for $35 million, mostly in stock, according to a person familiar with the matter. The deal values MySpace at a fraction of what News Corp. paid for the site six years ago, and paves the way for large scale layoffs and an uncertain future.

  • Scientists spy most distant and earliest quasar

    A team of European astronomers says it has discovered the most distant and earliest quasar yet.

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