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  • APNewsBreak: Study advised US on Libya hacking

    Private computer experts advised U.S. officials on how cyberattacks could damage Libya's oil and gas infrastructure and rob Moammar Gadhafi's regime of crucial oil revenue, according to a study obtained by hackers.

  • Comcast to sell Skype box for video calls

    Comcast subscribers: In the future, believing that the TV is talking to you might not be a sign of insanity. You may be getting a Skype video call.

  • Game company Bethesda is latest hacker target

    A group of hackers has gained access to the websites of the U.S. Senate and video game company Bethesda Softworks, the latest in a series of cyberattacks plaguing a broad range of online victims.

Smithsonian research botanist John Kress said the app that identifies American trees via smartphone pictures initially was meant as a way for scientists to discover new species in unknown habitats.

    ID a tree with a quick pic

    If you've ever wondered what type of tree you are looking but didn't have a guide book handy, a new smartphone app allows users with no formal training to satisfy their curiosity and contribute to science at the same time.

  • Gateway laptop computer **FILE PHOTO ** (AP Photo/Gateway)

    For PCs, tablets tough to swallow

    Personal computers may soon be going the way of landline phones and black-and-white televisions. New market figures suggest consumers are losing interest in traditional PCs, as flashy smartphones and tablets attract the buzz and the sales in a crowded marketplace dominated by the latest technology.

  • Court upholds FCC closing of loophole

    A federal court on Friday upheld a recent decision by government regulators to close a loophole that had allowed cable TV operators to withhold sporting events and other popular programming from satellite TV providers and other rivals.

  • Montana man builds 30 years of quadriplegic gaming

    For Ruben Rios to throw a touchdown, it takes a flick of his tongue. To break away from a tackle, he puffs into a tube.

  • Pandora raises IPO offering price range

    Pandora raised the price range of its initial public offering Friday by at least a third and boosted the number of shares to be sold by as many as a million, demonstrating again a seemingly insatiable demand from investors for a stake a new slate of Internet companies.

  • Tests show wireless network could jam GPS systems

    New government test results show that a proposed high-speed wireless broadband network being launched by a company called LightSquared could jam GPS systems used for aviation, public safety, military operations and other uses.

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