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  • Apple challenges $625.5M patent-infringement award

    Apple Inc. is challenging a federal jury's order that it pay $625.5 million in damages for violating a small technology company's patents.

  • Professor Andre Geim, right, is congratulated by a wellwisher outside Manchester University after being awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics along with colleague Dr Konstantin Novoselov, Manchester, England, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010. The scientists  shared the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for "groundbreaking experiments" with the thinnest, strongest material known to mankind  a carbon vital for the creation of faster computers and transparent touch screens. (AP Photo/Jon Super).

    Nobel Prize honors super-strong, super-thin carbon

    It is the thinnest and strongest material known to mankind _ no thicker than a single atom and 100 times tougher than steel. Could graphene be the next plastic? Maybe so, says one of two scientists who won a Nobel Prize on Tuesday for isolating and studying it.

  • USA Today's overhaul cuts 35 newsroom positions

    USA Today is eliminating 35 jobs from its newsroom as it de-emphasizes its print edition and feeds more content to mobile devices.

  • Toshiba unveils glasses-free 3-D TV

    Toshiba Corp. believes it has a solution for television viewers who like 3-D but hate the glasses.

  • Worldwide chip sales jump in August

    Global sales of semiconductors grew nearly 33 percent in August to $25.7 billion compared with a year ago, the Semiconductor Industry Association said Monday.

  • Illustration: School by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    MURRAY: Software's pull on hard-to-reach teens

    Forget teachers unions, undisciplined classrooms, social promotions or any of the other usual complaints about public secondary education. The real problem is that we are not playing to our children's strengths. In an age when teenagers master complex video games, track down arcana on the Web in a blinding flurry of keystrokes, pull things out of their cell phones that their parents never knew were in there and love every bit of it, we make them put all that aside at the classroom door. We tell them to sit quietly in groups of 25 or 30 and usually (with apologies to the many brilliant teachers who are out there) listen to a mediocre presentation of an uninspired curriculum.

  • Google lines up Internet TV programming partners

    Google Inc.'s effort to wed Web surfing with television viewing is gathering more support from major media outlets that distribute some of the content that will help sell the concept.

  • Summary Box: Google TV signs up content partners

    COMING TO GOOGLE TV: TBS, TNT, CNN and HBO are among the major media outlets providing special features for a Google technology that weds Web surfing with television viewing. Inc. and Netflix Inc. also are providing some of their most popular services.

  • Candidates get creative to build text-message list

    A sign near the toilet said: "Text FLUSH to Robin." Above the restroom sink was another suggestion: "Text WASH to Robin."

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