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  • Margaret Thatcher dies, Britain's first female prime minister

    Margaret Thatcher, the steely, red-headed Iron lady who became Britain's first female prime minister and its longest serving of the 20th century, died Monday from an apparent stroke. She was 87.

  • Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady," the 2011 biopic about the late British prime minister. (Pathe Productions Ltd.)

    Roger Ebert on 'The Iron Lady': Margaret Thatcher lacked feelings

    By many accounts, "The Iron Lady" credits Mrs. Thatcher as a kind of objective feminist who overcame long odds through force of will and personality in rising to the top of a male-dominated political arena. That wasn't enough for Mr. Ebert. "Was she a monster? A heroine?" he demanded. "The movie has no opinion." Guess which one she was in the critic's opinion.

  • **FILE** Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, surrounded by officials, visits the Sheffield football stadium in Sheffield, England on April 16, 1989, where yesterday, 108 supporters were killed in a crush, at the start of a cup semi-final. (AP Photo)

    Margaret Thatcher death doesn't move Britain's sports world

    So divisive was Thatcher's 11-year rule of Britain that her death at the age of 87 on Monday produced no tributes from the country's major sporting institutions. The Premier League even told soccer clubs that they would not have to hold a minute's silence in honor of the late British leader.

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