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  • "But why the national shortage? Here's my theory: Bullets are easy to store, nonperishable, and they hold their value or even increase in times of crisis. So they're a lot like gold or any other commodity that has served as hard money through the ages or even the canned mackerel fillets that serve as currency in U.S. prisons," says Forbes analyst Daniel Fisher. "With states like Connecticut and Colorado passing strict new restrictions on gun owners and President Obama flying around the country to drum up support for national gun control, ammo buyers are like consumers queuing for gas or loading up on gold in the inflationary 1970s. They're creating their own shortage."

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  • "Will today's ammo hoarders be rewarded like gold buyers in 1972, or will they wind up like the folks who bought Bitcoins at $30 and watched them fall to two bucks a couple years ago?" he asks.

    Inside the Beltway: What about Benghazi? →

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