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  • Former Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, Virginia Republican

    Redistricting sets up tussles for many congressional seats

    The last time California redrew its congressional districts, Republicans and Democrats cut a deal to preserve all the incumbents, essentially erasing the country's biggest electoral fishing ground from the map in 2002.

  • U.S. Rep. John Boehner, Ohio Republican, waves as he arrives at his voting location, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010, in West Chester, Ohio. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)

    Independents desert Democrats

    Independent voters who powered President Obama to victory in 2008 have deserted his party this year, all but guaranteeing that Republicans will win control of the House in Tuesday's elections, though analysts said self-inflicted wounds likely will keep the GOP from winning the Senate.

  • **FILE** Sharron Angle shakes hands of supporters in Las Vegas on June 8, 2010, after winning the Nevada Republican U.S. Senate primary election race. Angle will face Sen. Harry Reid in November. (Associated Press)

    'Tea party' hopefuls target Education Department

    Conservatives have talked wistfully for years about eliminating the Education Department, but a host of Republican "tea party" candidates this election year are saying it's time to move beyond talk and force Congress to vote.

  • CHOOSING CHAIRMEN: Minority Leader John A. Boehner leads the House Steering Committee. (Associated Press)

    Some top posts on panels up for grabs

    While House Republicans are jockeying behind the scenes for coveted committee chairmanships should Democrats be ousted from leadership after the midterm elections, many political insiders don't expect a drastic reshuffling of leadership within the GOP.

  • Senate race a litmus test for Pennsylvania

    Two weeks out from Election Day, Republican Pat Toomey appears poised to lead a Republican surge in Pennsylvania in a Senate race that will test just how deeply the state's "blue" roots run.

  • Bloomberg
DNC Chairman Tim Kaine, seen at a fundraiser Sept. 30, says "there were races where we felt we had virtually no chance of winning six months ago and that we feel like we have very legit chances to win now."

    Democrats say 'tea partiers' will help them

    The "tea party" remains an unknown factor, with Democrats saying the movement will cost the GOP seats and Republicans saying it's part of an anti-establishment sentiment.

  • Associated Press
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, cautions Republicans that repealing the new health care law would be easier said than done, even if they retake control of Congress in November.

    Health care fight likely to flare anew if GOP reclaims Congress

    If you thought passing the health care overhaul was messy, wait until Republicans try to repeal it if they regain power this fall.

  • *File photo.* Jim Miles casts his ballot at Riverside Elementary School in Mt. Vernon, Va. Tuesday, November 3, 2009. (Michael Connor / The Washington Times)

    GOP 'tsunami' predicted for exurbia, South, Mountain States

    Former Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, the architect of previous Republican campaign successes, says outer-suburban voters eager to place a check on President Obama and Democrats are swinging back to the GOP and will power a Republican resurgence in New England, while aiding GOP "tsunamis" in Virginia, Colorado and Iowa.

  • Astrid Riecken/The Washington Times
Rep. Thomas M. Davis III of Virginia says the Republican Party has failed to leverage its possession of the presidency, "the big microphone," and that President Bush's communication skills are partly to blame.

    GOP 'shrinking,' Davis warns party

    Virginia Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, a valued statesman for congressional Republicans, says the GOP has failed to innovate and drive new ideas under President Bush, and they are now conceding much of the country to Democrats even as they tear up their own "big tent" governing coalition.

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