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  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The World of Yesterday'

    There is something especially poignant about posthumously published works. Especially when we know how the author died. Who can read "The Diary of Anne Frank" and not feel an added measure of pathos at her hopefulness in such dreadful circumstances because we know of the infinitely more hideous fate awaiting her after her diary concludes?

  • A changed Obama reins in the rhetoric

    President Obama's partisan tone on the campaign trail these days is a far cry from his idealism of 2004, when the fresh-faced Illinois state senator introduced himself to the nation with his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention.

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  • "Obama is right to move on a range of issues but ultimately to settle in this first round for what he can get. To back off much of his agenda now would be to shrink his presidency and miss any opportunity for transformational change," he said.

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  • Thomas Mann, a Brookings presidential scholar, acknowledges "there are risks associated with a large aggressive agenda in times of economic distress."

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