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  • **FILE** University of Maryland student Jake Lee (left) and Monica Corrado, the owner of Simply Being Well, serve fresh raw milk at a rally held by Grassfed on the Hill in Washington on May 16, 2011. The rally was held to protest the sting operation conducted by the FDA against Pennsylvania dairy farmer Dan Allgyer. (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)

    EDITORIAL: Got (raw) milk?

    The food police are growing bolder. SWAT teams in body armor with automatic weapons descend on farmers markets and local co-ops looking for illicit goods. These troops are going after dangerous contraband — raw, unpasteurized milk, just as it comes out of a cow.

  • Inside Politics: Lawmaker wants Obama to prove climate change

    Rep. Thomas Massie challenged President Obama to roll out the proof that humans have played a hand in climate change.

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