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  • Exclusion of hymn ignites debate over God's wrath

    For weeks, there was little reaction to a Presbyterian committee's decision to exclude a much-loved song from the faith's new hymnal because of a couple of words and the composers' refusal to allow a change. That changed when it hit the blogosphere.

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  • And while evangelicals, by and large, differ from the Catholic Church's stance on contraception, defending the Catholic Church's right not to provide contraception via health insurance to employees rests on a principle, Mr. George said: "Unless we stand together on the principle of conscience, there will be no one left to stand."

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  • Evangelical scholar Timothy George, dean of the Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Ala., said Catholics and evangelicals have "discovered one another as brothers and sisters in Jesus," calling Cardinal Dolan "the most recognized and beloved figure in American Christianity" today.

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