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  • Inmates harass victims via Facebook

    Lisa Gesik hesitates to log into her Facebook account nowadays because of unwanted "friend" requests, not from long-ago classmates but from the ex-husband now in prison for kidnapping her and her daughter.

  • Ludlow Taylor Elementary School, about eight blocks from Union Station in Washington, is where hit man Oscar Veal stalked Roy Cobb on May 14, 1998, but opted not to kill him in front of his girlfriend's children. He admitted in court testimony to murdering Cobb weeks later. (J.M. Eddins/The Washington Times)

    A killer deal: Be a star witness, escape execution

    A contract killer for a large drug ring and murder-for-hire operation a decade ago cooperated with prosecutors and became a star witness for the government. But there is a price to be paid for such testimony.

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