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  • Candidates on the march for votes in Virginia

    Virginia Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis continued her July Fourth tradition yesterday morning: walking with her husband, U.S. Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, in the Fairfax Independence Day Parade, shaking hands and smiling for photos.

  • Kaine: Driver fees legislators' idea, not his

    RICHMOND (AP) — Gov. Timothy M. Kaine has told upset callers during radio talk shows this week that it was state lawmakers who decided only Virginia motorists would pay the so-called "abusive-driver fees" that take effect Sunday.

  • Virginia forsakes lovers for 'civil remedial fees'

    Virginia used to be for lovers. Now it is for those facing "civil remedial fees," the staggering surcharge being added to traffic violations, starting Sunday.

  • Kaine pursues smoking ban in restaurants

    RICHMOND — Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said yesterday that he will continue efforts to ban smoking in Virginia restaurants.

  • Tech panel obtains Cho mental health hearing transcripts

    RICHMOND — The state panel investigating the Virginia Tech shootings obtained a tape recording and transcripts of gunman Seung-hui Cho's mental health hearing by court order yesterday.

  • Governor delays execution

    RICHMOND — Gov. Timothy M. Kaine ordered a delay in the execution of a man who was scheduled to be put to death last night for the 2001 murder of a co-worker.

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