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  • Mr. Sutton said, meaning that the underdog Mr. Wurzelbacher will find it difficult to attract the financial support he would need to be competitive.

    'Joe the Plumber' takes the plunge into politics →

  • "Certainly he has wide name recognition as 'Joe the Plumber,' but I think there is a difference between recognizing his name and voting for him," Mr. Sutton said. "I think it's nice that he says he's going to knock on every door in the 9th District, but that's physically impossible. The fact of a campaign is you are going to attract money from people who make a difference if they think you have a chance of winning. The folks that would give that kind of money, who would help him have a campaign that he can really build, are not there."

    'Joe the Plumber' takes the plunge into politics →

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