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  • D.C. City Council council member, Jack Evans speaks during the first whole city council meeting after the summer recess. Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012, in Washington, DC. (Craig Bisacre/The Washington Times)

    D.C. Council votes to lower sales tax

    The D.C. Council voted Wednesday to roll back the city's sales tax to the lowest rate in the region and signaled a willingness to negotiate other taxes as members considered the best uses for a budget surplus projected to total $600 million in the next five years.

  • D.C. council member seeks ban on plastic guns made with 3-D printers

    A D.C. Council member is proposing legislation to ban plastic guns made with the emerging technology of 3-D printers just days after a group claimed to have successfully test-fired the first functional weapon produced.

  • Mistakes by D.C.'s 911 staff blamed on training shortfall

    The police union is weighing in on safety concerns involving operations within the District's Office of Unified Communications, which handled more than 1.3 million 911 emergency calls last year.

  • Blood-soaked clothing seized as evidence from crime scenes dries in an unsealed environment because clogged filters prevent ventilation in blood-drying cabinets. Clogged filters cause ventilation system alarms to go off "24/7," according to internal emails.

    Conditions at new D.C. forensic lab found to be below par

    The District's $220 million state-of-the-art forensics laboratory opened in October with great fanfare, but photographs of the lab's evidence room obtained by The Washington Times and a widely distributed email exchange between the commanding officer of its Crime Scene Investigations Division and his employees paint a different picture.

  • D.C. officials to investigate why ambulance was unavailable for injured cop

    D.C. officials have launched a formal investigation into why a fire department ambulance was not available to transport a police officer injured in a hit-and-run crash.

  • D.C. Council pushes campaign finance to ’13

    Despite months of rhetoric and proposals, D.C. lawmakers failed to pass sweeping campaign finance reforms by the end of a legislative period that was historic for all the wrong reasons.

  • ** FILE ** Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson (Rod Lamkey Jr./The Washington Times)

    SIMMONS: D.C. schools chief, watch your back

    To D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson: Walk with all deliberate speed, make clear tread marks and watch your back.

  • A traffic speed enforcement unit was set up in the Ninth Street tunnel in Northwest on Tuesday. D.C. Council members, citing constituent concerns, are considering lowering the fine from speed cameras to $50 per violation. (Barbara L. Salisbury/The Washington Times)

    D.C. Council signals a turn on traffic-camera fines

    City lawmakers on Tuesday answered a mounting chorus of motorists who say the District is burdening them with pricey traffic-camera fines in an attempt to balance the local budget under the banner of public safety.

  • ** FILE ** D.C. Council member Tommy Wells (Raymond Thompson/The Washington Times)

    Wells joins call for D.C. campaign reforms

    D.C. lawmakers are heaping new bills onto an already deep pile of campaign-finance reforms on the agenda at city hall, creating what amounts to a smorgasbord of solutions aimed at restoring confidence in their scandal-tinged body.

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