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  • U.S. to press for Iran sanctions

    OMAHA President Bush this morning said that a new intelligence report about Irans nuclear weapons program will not hinder U.S. efforts to increase sanctions on Tehran. The remarks came as the administration moves to counter growing concern that the report will weaken resolve among the international community.

  • Bush vows to veto hate-crime expansion for gays

    President Bush is committed to vetoing the latest effort to expand federal "hate crimes" laws to include sexual orientation, even if it means sending a defense authorization bill back to Congress, the White House said.

  • Bush to claim privilege to block aide's testimony

    Attorneys for Karl Rove's former deputy told a Senate committee yesterday that President Bush will assert executive privilege and instruct her not to comply with the panel's subpoena to testify this week.

  • Allison Shelley/The Washington Times
New Mexico Sen. Pete V. Domenici is the latest Republican lawmaker to reject the administration's Iraq war strategy, refusing to heed President Bush's call to delay judgment until the fall military report.

    White House rolls with Domenici punch

    The White House yesterday dismissed the defection of another senior Republican lawmaker, Sen. Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, and again asked lawmakers to hold off judgment on President Bush's "surge" plan in Iraq until military advisers report back in September.

  • Bush faces contempt threat

    Democratic leaders yesterday challenged President Bush's refusal to respond to congressional subpoenas and said they will take steps toward holding the White House in contempt of Congress.

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  • White House spokesman Tony Fratto said that "there is no basis to say that the White House has destroyed any evidence or engaged in any misconduct."

    Tapes recycled at White House before Oct. 2003 →

  • "Of course, the disaster-recovery backup tapes were, at one time, recycled," said Mr. Fratto. "However, since October 2003, the Office of Administration has retained and preserved its disaster-recovery tapes. The disaster-recovery system is set up to regularly back up everything on the network for the Executive Office of the president at the time of each backup."

    Tapes recycled at White House before Oct. 2003 →

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