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  • Members of the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse team wait in New York's Times Square for their travel visas. The players cannot fly to England for the World Lacrosse Championship because the U.S. government won't allow them to re-enter the country on Iroquois Confederacy passports. (Associated Press)

    Iroquois IDs may stop lacrosse team

    The Iroquois helped invent lacrosse, but their team might not travel to England for the sport's world championship this year because of a dispute over the validity of their passports.

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  • UNDRIP was promulgated by the U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, whose vice chairman, Tonya Gonnella Frichner, an Onondaga activist, said she was looking forward to "working with the United States as well as other countries toward full implementation of the Declaration with no reservations" (pun clearly not intended).

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  • Tonya Gonnella Frichner, a member of the Onondaga Nation who works with the team, said it was told by British officials that members would have to use American or Canadian passports in order to travel to Britain.

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