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The Trade Federation is a fictional organization in the Star Wars universe at the time of the Galactic Republic. It appears in the franchise's three prequel movies and the Star Wars Expanded Universe. In the Star Wars franchise, The Trade Federation was able to maintain a sizable monopoly on interstellar trade and held considerable sway in the fictional government of the Star Wars universe. == History =====Stark Hyperspace War===Ten years before the film Star Wars Episode I, a space pirate named Iaco Stark proclaimed that there was a shortage of the healing substance called bacta when there in fact was none, and began selling the product at an inflated price, cutting in on the Trade Federation's profits (which were almost as ridiculous). In response, the Trade Federation asked for aid from the Republic. Senator Ranulph Tarkin of Seswenna Sector (the uncle of Grand Moff Tarkin) recruited the entire military of planet Eriadu to help fight the threat. In response, the Jedi Order sent a few of its members to aid in the fight as generals. The Battle of Troiken began the conflict, followed by the five battles of planet Qotile. The first four battles were believed to be draws, but the Fifth Battle of Qotile was a victory for the Republic. The Stark Commercial Combine was dissolved after that battle and Iaco Stark escaped into the underbelly of the Outer Rim. - Source: Wikipedia

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