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  • Turkey blocks YouTube despite Twitter ban backlash

    Turks are currently unable to access YouTube and Twitter because of government bans. Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, claims Twitter and other social networking sites are used to spread lies.

  • Illustration by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

    NUNBERG: Silencing a secularist in Turkey

    The Turkish criminal courts have increasingly been used to further Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Islamist agenda through hate-speech prosecutions.

  • Armed Kurdish fighters from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) stand at attention after arriving in the Heror region of Iraq, northwest of Baghdad, on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. (AP Photo/Ceerwan Aziz)

    Gunmen open fire on liquor stores in Iraq; 11 dead

    A convoy of gunmen opened fire on a row of liquor stores in eastern Baghdad immediately after sunset on Tuesday, killing 11 people and wounding five others, officials said.

  • Kurds demonstrate on Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013, in front of a pro-Kurdish center in Paris where three Kurdish women were killed in what the French interior minister called an execution. (AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere)

    France: 3 Kurdish women 'executed' in Paris

    Three Kurdish women, including one of the founders of a militant group battling Turkish troops since 1984, were "executed" at a Kurdish center in Paris, the interior minister said Thursday. The news prompted angry crowds of Kurds to flood into the area.

  • Turkey fires at Syria after deadly shelling

    Turkish artillery fired on Syrian targets Wednesday after shelling from Syria struck a border village in Turkey, killing five civilians, sharply escalating tensions between the two neighbors and prompting NATO to convene an emergency meeting.

  • associated press photographs

A Turkish soldier helps young Syrian refugees clear the barbed wire fence at a border crossing near Reyhanli, Turkey, earlier this year. The number of Syrian refugees living in border camps in Turkey is now estimated at 80,000, and Turkey says that is close to its maximum capability for providing them shelter.

    Military key to Syria planning

    In 2003, Turkey barred U.S. forces from opening a northern front in the war against Iraq, a stunning rebuff to Washington that raised questions about whether the politically powerful Turkish military had undercut a civilian-led initiative to help the Americans.

  • Turkey: Strikes kill 35 people mistaken for rebels

    Turkish warplanes mistakenly killed 35 smugglers and other villagers in an operation targeting Kurdish rebels in Iraq, a senior official said Thursday, one of the largest one-day civilian death tolls during Turkey's 27-year drive against the guerrillas.

  • A soldier keeps guard near burned bodies and a smoldering vehicle at the scene of Tuesday's explosion in Mogadishu, Somalia, when a car laden with explosives blew up in front of the Ministry of Education. "The casualties are mostly students and parents who were waiting for results of scholarships," the government said. (Associated Press)

    Al-Shabab truck bomb kills scores

    Islamist militants detonated a truck bomb Tuesday in front of the Education Ministry in Somalia's capital, where students and their parents were registering for scholarships offered by the Turkish government.

  • Illustration: Israel and Turkey by John Camejo for The Washington Times

    DANON: Why Turkey should apologize to Israel

    Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, once considered a friend to Israel, has had the audacity to demand that Israel apologize for last year's incident involving the Gaza-bound ship Mavi Marmara. In fact, the Turkish government owes Israel an apology for this attack, along with other recent actions that have threatened the lives of Israeli citizens.

  • Turkish state pans Beat Generation author

    Half a century after a U.S. obscenity trial, the work of Beat Generation writer William S. Burroughs is heading back to court, this time in Turkey.

  • Embassy Row

    Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan dodged tough questions from an Armenian-American journalist who pressed him on the destruction of churches in Turkey and the Armenian "genocide" in World War I.

  • Radical Islam has transformed Turkey

    It should come as no surprise that Turkey - while attempting to absolve itself of blame for the aggressive use of a flotilla to deliver supplies to the Hamas enclave in Gaza - is again the hub for a new effort to resupply the terrorist group ("Flotilla report clears Israel; new blockade break planned," Geopolitics, Monday).

  • **FILE** Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki (The Washington Times)

    Embassy Row

    Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki loves Southern hospitality and the South's mostly nonunion work force, which makes the region a good place for Japanese car companies.

  • People seen at the explosion site after a roadside bomb attack killed nine people traveling aboard a minibus near the village of Gecitli in the rugged Hakkari province bordering Iran and Iraq, Turkey, Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010, in the latest violence to shake. (AP Photo/Yilmaz Kazandioglu, Anatolia Agency)

    Roadside bomb kills 9 aboard minibus in Turkey

    A roadside bomb attack killed nine people traveling on a minibus Thursday, authorities said, in the latest violence to shake Turkey's turbulent southeast, where Kurdish guerrillas have been fighting for autonomy for decades.

  • from the book cover

    BOOKS: 'Children of Armenia'

    Holocausts will always have their deniers.

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