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    Stop at the deli

  • N.Y., D.C. prepare for visit from pope

    Three months from today, Pope Benedict XVI's Alitalia flight will touch down at Andrews Air Force Base to begin what may be his only papal visit to the United States.

  • Kosovo train-wreck warnings

    It is expected that early on in 2008, probably February, the United Nations-supervised Albanian Muslim Administration of the Serbian province of Kosovo will make a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI).

  • U.S. foreign policy-making

    Many of us cheered loudly when President Bush announced the inspired choice of John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations in 2005. As one of the most hardnosed and down-to-earth policy-makers in Washington, Mr. Bolton seemed just the man for the job, an ambassador in the mold of Jeane Kirkpatrick who would not be possessed by clientitis. Meanwhile, Democrats and foreign media alike gasped at the choice.

  • Rice sees progress during Iraq visit

    BAGHDAD (AP) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made an unannounced visit today to Kirkuk in the oil-rich Kurdish region, where the U.S. administration has emphasized what it sees as new signs of cooperation and progress, and then flew to the Iraqi capital for meetings with national leaders. Video: Secretary Rice in Iraq

  • U.S. to press for Iran sanctions

    OMAHA President Bush this morning said that a new intelligence report about Irans nuclear weapons program will not hinder U.S. efforts to increase sanctions on Tehran. The remarks came as the administration moves to counter growing concern that the report will weaken resolve among the international community.

  • U.S. chides allies for trade deals with Tehran

    America's allies must do more to cut commercial and energy ties with Iran if the international campaign to halt Tehran's nuclear-weapons programs is to succeed, a top State Department official said yesterday.

  • Inquiry of firing at U.N. urged

    NEW YORK (AP) — The U.N. ethics chief is recommending an investigation into whether a U.N. official was fired in retaliation for raising concerns about his agency's financial transactions in North Korea, according to a letter obtained yesterday.

  • Negotiating for peace in Kosovo

    In coming weeks, an international confrontation is likely to occur among the United States, the European Union, and Russia over an issue most Americans have long since forgotten: Kosovo, where a few hundred Americans remain deployed as part of a NATO force protecting a shaky interim peace that ended the 1999 U.S.-led intervention.

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