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  • Study shows declining life span for some US women

    A new study offers more compelling evidence that life expectancy for some U.S. women is actually falling, a disturbing trend that experts can't explain.

  • Details of lab-made bird flu won't be revealed

    The U.S. government paid scientists to figure out how the deadly bird flu virus might mutate to become a bigger threat to people _ and two labs succeeded in creating new strains that are easier to spread.

  • Geron's exit symbolic ding for stem cell research

    Geron Corp. is exiting the field it pioneered in a calculated business move that underscores the long, costly path embryonic stem cells face to become real-world products.

  • Illustration: Doctor fraud by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    WOLF: Organized medical fraud in Wisconsin

    "Primum nil nocere." First, do no harm. This bedrock principle in medicine is a foreign language to most politicians and, sadly, to some Wisconsin doctors, who have violated their oath and the public trust as they have defrauded Wisconsin taxpayers.

  • Cantor

    New House rules end official commendations

    With little fanfare earlier this month, the House passed a commending resolution recognizing the University of Wisconsin's football team for making it to the Rose Bowl. But if the team wins, it's likely to have to go without a pat on the back from the country's 435 House members — at least as far as official recognition goes.

  • Wisconsin seat up for grabs after Obey's 21 terms

    Elections have been pretty mundane in Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District the past four decades, with re-electing Capitol Hill stalwart Rep. David R. Obey a mere formality for most of his 21 terms. Not so in 2010.

  • Blaze kills 3 college students

    MENOMONIE, Wis. — A smoky house fire near a University of Wisconsin campus killed three students early yesterday, even though neighbors said they heard alarms going off.

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