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  • A woman passes a poster reading: "Weapons Monopoly for Criminals? No" in Zurich last month. Swiss gun culture meets grass-roots democracy on Sunday in a referendum dividing those who hope to cut the country's high rate of firearms suicides and those who fear tighter rules might kill off village shooting clubs and even cripple Switzerland's legendary citizen militia. (Associated Press)

    Arms-friendly Swiss to vote on gun curbs

    The Swiss are set to vote Sunday on a referendum that would limit the right to bear arms and upend centuries of tradition of civilians keeping military weapons at home in Europe's most gun-friendly nation.

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  • "These guns belong to the Swiss people," said Urban Huppi, who runs a sport-shooting facility called Bruenig Indoor in the village of Lungern. "We're just like car lovers. We take good care of our weapons. If someone tries to lay a hand on them, we don't like it. You wouldn't like it either if it were your car."

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  • "It's easy to say the weapons are the problem," said Mr. Huppi, the shooting-range owner. "But it's not the weapons that are the problem. It's the people who use them."

    Arms-friendly Swiss to vote on gun curbs →

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