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  • Jason Eisenberg co-stars in Zombieland from Sony Home Entertainment and now available in Blu-ray.

    Pentagon has plan for 'Counter-Zombie Dominance' during zombie apocalypse

    The Pentagon has a contingency plan for just about everything — and that includes the zombie apocalypse.

  • Maj. Gen. Michael Carey. (Screen grab from http://www.af.mil/)

    Air Force general in charge of ICBMs to be fired

    The Air Force fired the general in charge of its nuclear missiles on Friday, just two days after a Navy admiral with top nuclear weapons responsibilities was sacked. Both men are caught up in investigations of alleged personal misconduct, adding to a cascade of turmoil inside the nation's nuclear weapons force.

  • Kehler

    General: Prioritize nuclear upgrades in budget

    U.S. strategic nuclear forces are old, in dire need of modernization and face "draconian" cuts because of the federal budget crisis, the commander of U.S. nuclear forces said Tuesday.

  • Inside the Ring

    The Obama administration has been secretly working on a review of U.S. nuclear weapons in what officials say is part of the White House effort to make deeper cuts on strategic nuclear forces.

  • Gen. Kevin P. Chilton (Courtesy of stratcom.mil)

    Show of strength urged for cyberwar

    Military cyberwarriors are building up efforts to pinpoint the sources of foreign computer break-ins on U.S. networks and will need to demonstrate a major computer attack capability in the future to deter increasingly sophisticated threats, according to the outgoing commander of the U.S. Strategic Command.

  • Inside the Ring

    China recently conducted a space test involving two satellites that rendezvoused several hundred miles above Earth in a maneuver analysts say will likely boost Beijing's anti-satellite weapons program.

  • China blocks U.S. from cyber warfare

    China has developed more secure operating software for its tens of millions of computers and is already installing it on government and military systems, hoping to make Beijing's networks impenetrable to U.S. military and intelligence agencies.

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