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  • "The Vietnamese and the Republicans are, with an intensity, [trying] to take this seat, this seat [from which] we have done so much for our community," Rep. Loretta Sanchez said. The Vietnamese community didn't take offense. (AP Photo)

    Diverse district pits 2 minorities

    In any other race, it could have been doomsday. But when Rep. Loretta Sanchez told Univision in September that Vietnamese voters in her California congressional district were trying to steal her seat from Hispanics, it had only a moderate effect among the district's large Vietnamese population.

  • LeAlan Jones (Associated Press)

    3rd-party candidates could tip tight races

    Even political junkies might not be able to identify LeAlan Jones, Shawn Moody, Scott Ashjian and Ceci Iglesias, but all four could have a major effect on the political balance of power after Election Day.

Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez, the daughter of Mexican immigrants, campaigns in Garden Grove, Calif., Saturday, as she faces her first real challenge in 14 years, from a Vietnamese assemblyman who came to America as a refugee.

    Ethnic pot bubbles in Orange County

    The changing face of one of Southern California's wealthiest counties helped Democrat Loretta Sanchez win an upset election to Congress 14 years ago, as Latinos arrived as a political force. Now, a rising tide of Vietnamese political clout has her fighting to hang onto her seat.

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