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  • California redistricting seen influencing five in House not to run

    While the majority party typically hangs on as long as it can in Congress, in California, where redistricting has significantly altered the congressional map, two senior Republican House members in recent days said they're calling it quits, with more reportedly mulling the option.

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  • "As catastrophic wildfires continue to burn throughout the West, destroying people's homes and businesses in the process, funds that should be used to thin our overgrown forests and protect the public are being frivolously spent on park restoration," said Rep. Wally Herger, a California Republican whose district has seen some of the worst fires. "While the administration is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on improving picnic grounds, communities and citizens' lives tragically remain at risk."

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  • Rep. Wally Herger, the California Republican who chairs the Ways and Means health subcommittee, said AARP might have supported the law because the group stood to make $1 billion from increased policy sales under the Medigap program if the law went into effect.

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