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  • The end is near — for Mayan calendar myth

    Citizens of the world, exhale. Contrary to a ballyhooed ancient Mayan prophecy that has spawned everything from Chinese doomsday cults to Hollywood special effects extravaganzas to dire warnings that Earth is on a collision course with the mystery world of Nibiru, our planet will not come to an apocalyptic finale Friday.

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  • "And Saturday night, Sunday night, and Monday and Tuesday night, too -- I have lots of kids and grandkids," he said with a laugh. "Who knows, maybe even a small, quiet recovery party on Wednesday night. I suspect everyone else will enjoy a full and delightful weekend as well."

    The end is near — for Mayan calendar myth →

  • Mr. Witschey said the date appears in only two known Mayan inscriptions — one in a set of ancient ruins in Mexico, another in Guatemala.

    The end is near — for Mayan calendar myth →

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