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  • Inside the Ring

    Iranian terrorism

  • Abdul Aziz

    Militants refuse to give in

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Gunfire and explosions rocked a besieged radical mosque in Pakistan's capital yesterday as Islamic militants holed up in the complex snubbed a plea from their captured leader to surrender.

  • 'Cyber' gang targeted U.S. sites

    Computer files maintained by a "cyber-terrorist" gang in the United Kingdom included a threat by 45 Muslim doctors said to be planning an attack on the Mayport Naval Base in Jacksonville, Fla., and other U.S. sites using car bombs and rocket grenades.

  • Gaza battle kills 11 Palestinians

    TEL AVIV — A fierce gunbattle yesterday between Israelis and Palestinians interrupted nearly a month of isolation for the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, sealed off from the world except for shipments of food and medicine from international donors.

  • Gunfire as Musharraf's plane takes off

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A burst of gunfire went off as President Pervez Musharraf's plane left a military base today. One official described it as a failed assassination attempt.

  • Briefly


  • Egyptian roots of hatred

    Had the citizens of Greeley, Colo., been friendlier to the introverted Egyptian student Sayyid Qutb during his studies there from 1948 to 1950, he might not have become the Muslim Brotherhood's signature ideologue. But the lonesome Qutb resented everything America had to offer, especially individual freedom, capitalism, jazz and women's "open" sexuality.

  • Legacy markers

    With all the talk about President Bush's failed legacy by the nattering nabobs of negativism, one might think he won't have one.

  • Terrorist bomb factory in Scottish house

    LONDON A Scottish house had been used as a makeshift bomb factory to carry out the terror attacks in London and Scotland, the British press reported today.

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