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  • NY judge nixes rock group's Warhol copyright claim

    A New York judge has dropped a copyright claim by the legendary rock band The Velvet Underground from a lawsuit it brought against the Andy Warhol Foundation over a banana image Warhol created.

  • NY lawsuit: Foundation's banana use is unappealing

    Legendary rock band The Velvet Underground sued the Andy Warhol Foundation on Wednesday, saying the banana design created by Warhol and used by group on its first album cover in 1967 should not be used by or sold for use by others.

  • Illustration: Art by Alexander Hunter for The Washington Times

    PAULETTE: Defining art down

    A good share of conserva- tive commentators have avoided remarking on the Smithsonian scandal involving the gay-themed "Hide/Seek" exhibit featuring a video of ants crawling over a bloody, crucified Christ, among other lewd, sado-masochistic porn displays. There was no need to comment because it all had been said before. The cowards and hypocrites who constitute the chattering-class activists of the art world dogmatically avoid offending those corners of society deeply in need of critical reflection, such as Islam and the Middle East, or considered sacrosanct, such as feminism and racial/ethnic/sexual minorities, under the banner of tolerance and diversity.

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