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    During his initial 2008 run for the presidency, Barack Obama attacked no-bid and sole-source federal contracting as wasteful and at least marginally corrupt. He promised that when elected, he would end "the abuse of no-bid contracting once and for all." His administration, he said, would be the most transparent in history and would do away with the cronyism that plagued his predecessors.

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  • It was an address so praised for its sentiments — not reality — that Associated Press writer Kirke L. Simpson won a Pulitzer Prize for his account of the ceremonies: "The loftiest tribute we can bestow today," said Harding, "is the commitment of this republic to an advancement never made before. ... [L]et us give of our influence and strength, yea of our aspiration and convictions, to put mankind on a little higher plane, exulting and exalting, with war

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