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Coal River Mountain (left) forms the backdrop for a mountaintop coal-mining site at Kayford Mountain, W.Va.

    Government tried to change coal regulation numbers: probe

    The Obama administration tried to edit a report on new coal regulations to lower analysts’ estimates of serious job losses, an official investigation has found, backing up reports that the Interior Department pressured a private contractor to change information in order to make the data more acceptable.

  • Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican (Associated Press)

    White House puts report on cybersecurity on hold

    The Obama administration is sitting on a report about the security of federal government computer networks because it is embarrassing, a senior Republican senator said Thursday.

  • President Obama (right) and his chief of staff, Jack Lew, confer. Mr. Lew, who previously served as the president's Office of Management and Budget chief, is said to be under consideration for Treasury secretary. (Associated Press)

    Obama to nominate Lew for Treasury post

    President Obama will announce Thursday afternoon his nomination of White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew to serve as Treasury secretary, a White House official confirmed.

  • **FILE** House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, California Republican, presides over the committee's hearing on Syria on April 19, 2012, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Associated Press)

    Inside the Ring: No fix for defense cuts

    The looming $600 billion defense spending crisis required under last year's Budget Control Act was delayed for two months under the compromise tax deal passed by Congress this week.

  • **FILE** U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (center) speaks June 7, 2012, with Ryan Crocker, U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, and Gen. John Allen (left center), the head of NATO coalition forces in Afghanistan, upon arriving at Kabul International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Associated Press)

    White House details 'destructive' spending cuts

    With excruciating detail, the White House's budget office on Friday laid out exactly where it will have to cut $109 billion from federal spending in January, including $11.1 billion from Medicare and $54.7 billion from defense spending.

  • Illustration: Down economy by Greg Groesch for The Washington Times

    LAMBRO: Starting from the zero jobs line

    The battered, jobless U.S. economy took a turn for the worse - much worse - this past week as President Obama prepared to offer another bag of bromides that looked like the failed remedies he has tried before. As the bedridden, near-comatose economy spiraled into a full-blown crisis for the country and his precarious presidency, hopeful signs of life were hard to find in the flat-lined data on jobs and growth.

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