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  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘ Counting One’s Blessings’

    When William Shawcross published his official life of Britain's Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 2009, one of its many virtues was the sampling of her letters sprinkled throughout his text. One of the benefits of writing with the authorization of his subject's daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, was that she gave him access to such treasures and, even more importantly, permission to quote them.

  • TYRRELL: J. Gordon Coogler Award rescinded

    Followers of this column have noticed that something is amiss. They have looked to it every week for months with increased frustration. Many have gone back to the March, April, May, and June issues of the American Spectator and pored over every page, but all was for naught. They have not been able to find a trace of the J. Gordon Coogler Award for the Worst Book of the Year, and they know that there were many promising candidates in 2010 for this hallowed recognition. The New York Review of Books was full of them.

  • BOOKS: 'The Queen Mother: The Official Biography'

    William Shawcross' history of the 20th century as reflected in the life of Elizabeth Bowes Lyon is delightful as well as dignified.

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