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  • FILE - In this Sept. 3, 2010 file photo, author Joe McGinniss, who is working on a book on former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, poses for a photograph at the home he's renting next to Palin's home in Wasilla, Alaska.  McGinniss, the adventurous and news-making author and reporter who skewered the marketing of Richard Nixon in "The Selling of the President 1968" and tracked his personal journey from sympathizer to scourge of convicted killer Jeffrey MacDonald in the blockbuster "Fatal Vision," died Monday, March 10, 2014, at age 71. McGinniss, who announced in 2013 that he had been diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer, died from complications related to his disease.  (AP Photo/Dan Joling, file)

    'Fatal Vision' author Joe McGinniss dies at age 71

    Joe McGinniss wasn't one to let a story tell itself.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'The Selected Letters of William Styron'

    I have to confess that William Styron has never appealed to me much as a novelist. His reputation as an anointed major figure has always seemed to be dubious, based as it is on really only two novels, "The Confessions of Nat Turner" and "Sophie's Choice."

  • Robert Loomis, editor of Styron, Angelou, retires

    Robert Loomis, one of publishing's most accomplished and longest serving editors, is retiring.

  • BOOK REVIEW: 'Reading my Father'

    Look closely at the 1970s-era jacket photograph selected for Alexandra Styron's memoir. Seated in what appears to be the den of her family home, a girl of about 7, tangle-haired and pretty, gazes with a loving smile at her daddy, novelist William Styron (1925-2006).

  • BOOKS: 'The Suicide Run'

    This slim volume serves to remind us that the time William Styron spent in the Corps at the tail end of WWII and then again for some months during the Korean "Conflict," were an important part of the many-chambered crucible in which his large talent was forged.

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  • He returned a $1 million advance to write a book on the O.J. Simpson murder trial, expressing disgust that the former football star had been acquitted.

    'Fatal Vision' author Joe McGinniss dies at age 71 →

  • Since so much of what we know about Styron comes from "Darkness Visible," the wrenchingly powerful account he wrote of his struggle with clinical depression, this volume has the additional virtue of broadening our picture of him to reveal an attractive figure — when he was not struggling with the terrible affliction that nearly extinguished him.

    BOOK REVIEW: 'The Selected Letters of William Styron' →

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