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    Eric Metaxas' project here, in limning the notable lives of seven Christian men, is to hold up all seven as models of right behavior and commitment. He senses — well, I mean, how could he not? — that "young men especially need role models.

  • BOOK REVIEW: When faith refined manners

    Famed British abolitionist William Wilberforce began his profoundly influential political career when he was just 21. Four years later, already in position to gain great political power because of his close friendship with the young Prime Minister William Pitt, Wilberforce converted to Christianity and spent months agonizing over whether to retire from the political scene.

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  • Because people do not worship the God they profess, Wilberforce says, they live unaffected by the Gospel that should be the most pervasive influence over their lives and behavior.

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  • The book prompts its contemporary reader to consider that the same "inadequate conceptions" of God and Christianity Wilberforce writes about are apparent in today's religion, and the results are the same now as they were then.

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