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  • Baseball's biggest free agents, team by team

    Spring training is starting, and it's time for Robinson Cano, Shin-Soo Choo and a number of other big names to suit up for new teams. Free agent signings are the lifeblood of baseball's offseason, helping fans stay engaged during the cold of winter.

  • A team-by-team look at famous in-season deals

    Zack Greinke and Hanley Ramirez have already changed teams, and general managers still have a few more hours to make additional big trades. Some of the deals from the 2012 season may quickly be forgotten, but there's always the possibility of a blockbuster that can change the fortunes of a team for years. In honor of baseball's Tuesday trade deadline, here are some of the most famous (and infamous) in-season deals in baseball history _ one for each of the 30 franchises.

  • Texas Rangers establish unwanted tradition

    Losses like these create reputations. Debacles like this take decades to overcome _ if ever.

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