Goree and Mackall sit out for Fork Union

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The most intriguing element of today’s Maryland JV game was getting to see Lorne Goree and David Mackall, who both signed with Maryland before winding up at prep school.

Neither linebacker, though, played this afternoon for Fork Union.

I caught up with Goree after the game, and he said he plans to be in College Park on Jan. 3 to get ready for a winter session. He said he improved his SAT score enough, and didn’t exactly hide his eagerness to attend a university rather than at a military academy.

Getting yelled at every morning by 15-year-olds would probably do that to anyone.

In any case, Goree said he had a hip injury that just surfaced, but had otherwise had a solid enough season at Fork Union.

I was busy talking to a handful of Maryland reserves, but it’s a safe bet that Seth Hoffman over at InsideMdSports.com will have interviews of both Goree and Mackall up in the next day.

Patrick Stevens

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