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  • Off the beaten path online: The White House attack on Fox is a warning to other media...

    By Kerry PicketPublished October 21, 2009 Comments

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: The White House attack on Fox News is more about warning liberal media, Republicans choose sides in NY-23 race, and Marco Rubio cuts Charlie Crist's lead in half in Florida's GOP Senate primary. Ace of Spades HQ:  White House Attack on FoxNews Really About Keeping Leftwing Media from Covering Any of Their Scoops The criticism of Fox is not aimed at Fox. It is aimed at liberal editors, and is intended to quarantine the dramatic news being uncovered by right-of-center media. The Jawa Report: The New York 23 Race - Fred Thompson vs. Michael Steele If you haven't been following it, the race in NY-23 has Fred Thompson, Club for Growth and Bill Kristol on one side, Newt Gingrich, Daily Kos and Michael Steele on another side, and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on yet another side. National Review ...

  • AUDIO: Obama EEOC nominee fought to keep military recruiters off college campuses

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 20, 2009 Comments

    President Barack Obama has nominated Georgetown University law professor, Chai R. Feldblum, to the Equal Employment Opportunity Council. Dr. Feldbaum, a lesbian activist attorney, has also been a staffer at the American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Campaign, and clerked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, author of Roe v. Wade. Unlike Mr. Obama's recent Czar appointments, Dr. Feldblum must face Senate confirmation hearings prior to assuming her job as commissioner at EEOC.  However, her past controversial statements and actions may very well catch up to her. As commissioner of the EEOC, Dr. Feldblum would be responsible for enforcing employment discrimination laws.  In 2006, Dr. Feldblum demonstrated how far out of whack are her priorities. In 2006, the Supreme Court voted unanimously that colleges must allow military recruiters the same access to students as other employers on their campuses if the schools wanted to receive federal funds. The court rejected a free ...

  • Local news blogging: NJ race nears close finish

    by Anthony BowePublished October 20, 2009 Comments

    A second debate is past and only two weeks now remain in the race for the governor's office in New Jersey.  An average of all polls taken show Republican candidate Chris Christie leading incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine by just one percentage point.  Independent candidate Chris Daggett controls double digit support in most polls.New Jersey bloggers comment: THE DEBATES PolitickerNJ: Christie wins debate, Corzine a close second.Democrats and Republicans react and spin debate.Local GOP reaction to debate.Politics Patrol: Debates Lively. “Independent Chris Daggett:  “I’ve got to buy you a calculator, Mr. Christie, because your numbers don’t add up. They never add up. No plan at all, no plan. We have to deal with balancing the budget, yet, but we have to be responsible stewards.“Chris Christie:  “I’m going to be more than happy to take Mr. Daggett’s calculator and get you a dictionary, Mr. Daggett, because only you can take a $4 ...

  • Video: Taking on The Shriver Report - Government's role in deciding time off from work

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 20, 2009 Comments

    Center for American Progress released a study yesterday titled The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything. The left leaning Center for American Progress worked with first lady of California Maria Shriver to put together a report essentially promoting the center's liberal policy agenda on the hill. The Shriver Report focuses primarily on women in the American workforce.  Looking at history, the report comments on where they say women were in the work force, and where they think women should be today and the future. The Washington Times Water Cooler will examine the Shriver Reports claims regularly. Today, we will begin with a video of staffers from the Center for American Progress who spoke to audience and press about about the report. The Family and Medical Leave Act  was enacted in 1993 as a way to help Americans handle the circumstances of both work and family. Under FMLA, a company ...

  • Off the beaten path online: The White House has other targets after Fox News...

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 20, 2009 Comments

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: The White House has other targets after Fox News, Dede Scozzafava calls the cops on a reporter for doing his job, and freezing Yankee fans are preached to about global warming. PajamasMedia  Claudia Rosett:  First They Came for Fox News… You don’t have to love Fox News to see how dangerous it is when the President of the United States gives his staff and advisers a green light to single out and denigrate by name a specific news organization. As we surely all know by now, this is what the White House has been doing to Fox. Weekly Standard  John McCormack: Scozzafava Calls the Cops It was a fairly typical evening--until the speech ended and someone with Scozzafava's campaign called the police. On me. Powerline: "Global Warming" At Yankee Stadium Along with 50,000 other shivering fans we had to endure a scoreboard message from Robert Redford sponsored ...

  • Off the beaten Path online: Dems need more voters in 2010...

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 19, 2009 Comments

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Democrats may need more voters at the polls in 2010, The White House has a plan to marginalize the Chamber of Commerce, and Time Magazine promotes eco-friendly and sex toys. TheConservatives.com  Brian Faughnan  : Dionne: Democrats Need More Suckers to Vote EJ Dionne worries that the Democrats will suffer at the polls next year because the young voters who propelled them to victory last year may stay home. Politico  Lisa Lerer : White House plan: Neuter the Chamber The White House and congressional Democrats are working to marginalize the Chamber of Commerce — the powerful business lobby opposed to many of President Barack Obama’s first-year priorities — by going around the group and dealing directly with the CEOs of major U.S. corporations. NewsBusters  Tim Graham : Time Promotes Green Sex Toys, Like Whips That Are ‘Cruelty-Free (to Cows, That Is)’ Kingsbury notes that the Catholic Church’s promotion ...

  • Paying for a Colorado man's ego

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 18, 2009 Comments

      Richard and Mayumi Heene met in acting school according to Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden.  A failed actor, Mr. Heene sought to look for fame through the reality show Wife Swap. Today, authorities say he and his family made a hot-air balloon and a story built on a fabrication. Robert Thomas, a former associate of Mr. Heene's,  wrote a piece for Gawker.com illustrating Mr. Heene's desire to be famous for something...anything: One night, when Richard and I were sitting and talking, he brought up Wife Swap, and specifically a confrontation he had with a woman on the show who claimed to be a psychic. They very much disliked one other. Richard said, "Well, think about it. We were the 100th episode of Wife Swap. And why are we the most recognized Wife Swapfamily and episode? It's because of the controversy. I don't care what people say about me as a person, but the ...

  • Sheriff: Balloon Boy saga was a hoax

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 18, 2009 Comments

      The Larimer County Sheriff, Jim Alderden,  told media this afternoon that the Heene family made up the entire story of their son Falcon being whisked away in a silvery balloon for the sake of a publicity stunt. "We have since learned as many of you have that these people are actors. They put on a very good show for us," said Sheriff Alderden.  He also explained the balloon would not have been capable of lifting a 37 pound boy into the air.  Police say they found evidence in the Heene household, which further shows how the elaborate hoax was put together. The Fort Collins, Colorado Heene family constructed the gigantic hot air balloon, which caught the eyes of millions all from over the world, when Richard Heene told police and media the ballon launched accidentally along with his six-year old son Falcon.  However, after landing, the balloon was empty ...

  • Video: Juan Williams responds to racial insult

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 16, 2009 Comments

    Fox News political commentator Juan Williams responded tonight after being insulted with a racial slur by talk radio host Warren Ballentine on last night's O'Reilly Factor. Sitting in for Bill O'Reilly tonight, Mr. Williams hosted the O'Reilly Factor and discussed the issue with talk radio host Tammy Bruce and Reverend Ken Hutcherson. (h/t johnnydollar.us)  

  • Balloon Boy 911 call released

    by Anthony BowePublished October 16, 2009 Comments

    The 911 call with Falcon Heene's parents has been released. CBS News has it here. Both parents sound distraught, but that's to be expected whether or not their story is genuine or a hoax.The highlight of the audio clip comes in the form of a sound bite from the 911 operator, when she is forced to ask Falcon's mom, Myumi Heene: “Does he know how to work the flying saucer?”Earlier in the day, Falcon vomited on two morning TV shows  airing on NBC and ABC. It appears Falcon would become sick when asked whether or not the loose balloon was part of an elaborate hoax.It seems like the kid is under a lot of stress to say the right thing from now on.   Meanwhile, the Denver Post reports Larimer County Sheriff,  Jim Alderden, said his office will re-interview the Heene's and talked to county's child-protection agency about the family. "'In light of ...

  • UPDATE: Supreme Court web fails transparency test

    by Anthony BowePublished October 16, 2009 Comments

    UPDATE: The Supreme Court's media relations office responded to our inquiry Monday. PIO Kathy Arberg responded to our questions with the following statement: "The Court recently asked for appropriations from Congress to fund the equipment and new positions required to bring the Web site in-house and integrate it with the Court's other operations (the Web site has been hosted by the Government Printing Office sinceits debut in 2000). The transfer will enable the Court to better control and manage the Web site and expand the data and services provided by the site more efficiently. In the meantime, the Court's technical staff are making progress, working in-house, to design a better site with enhanced services. Once the Web site has been moved in-house and necessary additional staff are in place, it will begin to reflect the planned improvements and upgrades." This is good news. It shouldn't take a law degree to ...

  • Stimulus jobs paying $500,000 -- good work if you can get it

    by James S. RobbinsPublished October 16, 2009 Comments

    The government announced Thursday that $16 billion of stimulus bill spending created or "saved" 30,083 jobs. This is far below the rate of job creation previously projected for the stimulus by the White House. Furthermore quick division shows that this comes out to $531,861.85 per job. Since we assume that most of these jobs in fact pay much less than that this is an astonishing indictment of government waste. Also since these jobs are based on one-time payments they will vanish as soon as the money is spent, contributing nothing to the long term health of the economy. I'm fairly confident that given half a million dollars I could employ more than one person, even factoring in the generous"overhead" I'm certain that went into the proposals submitted by the the well-connected people who got these handouts. It's good work if you can get it.

  • 2007 Video flashback: CNN guest called Juan Williams a 'happy negro'

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 16, 2009 Comments

    This is not the first time Juan Williams has been attacked with a racial slur on a cable news broadcast. Newsbusters writer Matthew Balan noted that on a CNN program aired in September of 2007,  African American Syracuse University professor and blogger Boyce Watkins called Mr. Williams a "happy negro" after comparing FNC host Bill O'Reilly to Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (Video below)    

  • Local news blogging: Power to the people in Ill.

    by Anthony BowePublished October 16, 2009 Comments

    The state senate Thursday signed off on a measure that would allow the people of Illinois to remove their governor under in certain circumstances. Sixty-percent of voters still must vote 'yes' in November 2010 elections for the amendment to pass.The senate approved the legislation by a nearly unanimous 56-1 vote. The one vote against the measure was by a Democrat -- surprisingly not named Blagojevich -- Mike Jacobs of East Moline, who questioned whether the threat of recall would "lessen the independence of a governor."  The Chicago Tribune offers more details about the legislation: “If approved, the recall power would be limited to the governor. Several hurdles also would have to be cleared to put a recall in motion, including getting as many as 520,000 voter signatures and sign-off from 10 senators and 20 representatives, half Democrats and half Republicans.” Illinois bloggers comment:Illinois Issues Blog breaks down the HJCRA 31 ...

  • AUDIO: Radio Host: "I didn't call (Juan Williams) a house negro."

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 16, 2009 Comments

      Warren Ballentine, a talk radio host who sparred with Juan Williams about Rush Limbaugh last night on the O'Reilly Factor, talked about the response from those not at all pleased with Ballentine's "porch" remark. Mr. Ballentine spoke about it on his online radio show today saying the following (AUDIO): BALLENTINE: Boy, they're hitting me up on Twitter, boy.  These white folks...'call Warren Ballentine out! He told Juan Williams to go back to the porch! They're mad those conservatives. ' How dare you get on our negro who is defending us!' Let me tell everybody who is a conservative who is listening to the show right now.  Rush Limbaugh has created a perception of being racially divisive.  I have every right to say that.  Now if you want to take what I said about Juan Williams as racial, you go right ahead.  All I said was he could go back ...

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