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  • Updated: Bloggers as surprised over Obama Nobel Peace Prize win as White House

    By Kerry PicketPublished October 9, 2009 Comments

    Update: A sly take on Obama's Nobel from John Henke. (Added by Dave Mastio)   President Obama may have been snubbed by the International Olympic Committee last week in Copenhagen, but the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize committee gave the president a boost this morning by presenting him with the Nobel Peace Prize.  The response from various bloggers both conservative and liberal and is that of shock to say the least.  However, not every supporter of Mr. Obama believes he deserved the award just yet.: Peter Beinart at the Daily Beast : Obama's Nobel Farce The president has done nothing to deserve the peace prize. Peter Beinart on why the award only aids the right’s arguments that Obamamania bears no relation to reality. The Local(Sweden News) : Obama Nobel win shocks Swedish peace group Ek conceded that the US president had sent "positive signals" with regard to his future commitment to global peace. "But at the ...

  • Off the beaten path online: Pelosi wants 'windfall profits tax'...

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 9, 2009 Comments

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize for 'what he might be able to do,' Nancy Pelosi wants a "windfall profits tax" on insurance companies, and two New York GOP congressional candidates for a special election are compared.  Freedom's Lighthouse on Videos: President Obama Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on 'tone' not 'accomplishment' As they admit: He won it because he has repudiated the Foreign Policy of former President George W. Bush. The Europeans, who dominate the Nobel Committee, saw this as a chance to reward Obama for representing the interests of the world rather than the interests of the United States. Hotair.com  Ed Morrissey on: Pelosi wants “windfall profits tax” on insurance companies What constitutes a “windfall” in an industry that averages a paltry 3.3% profit margin — free donuts on Fridays?  Whatever it is, or rather whatever it is after Congress pounds insurers and ...

  • Local news blogging: Tight NJ gubernatorial race

    by Anthony BowePublished October 8, 2009 Comments

    The New Jersey gubernatorial race between incumbent Jon Corzine and GOP candidate Chris Cristie is too close to call three weeks before election day.  Polls show both candidates in lockstep and rhetoric is revving up on both sides. New Jersey bloggers offer poll updates, commentary, and campaign news. One Dem poll has Christie ahead by 5, another Dem poll has Corzine up by 3. Childish Corzine ad pokes fun of Christie's weight. “I guess when your entire record as Governor of the most taxed state in the country with the third worst financial problems, you make the campaign about...your opponents weight.” - New Jersey Tax Revolution Today's News NJ: How Corzine caught up to Christie with mammogram rhetoric. The Save Jersey Blog: Corzine mammogram attacks fly in the face of ObamaCare. The Save Jersey Blog: Corzine campaign shows sign of future democrat propaganda.Dan Cirucci: Corzine's Job MessChristie "Wins" On The ...

  • DOJ denies existence of a 'blog squad'

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 8, 2009 Comments

    Various conservative blogs are talking about the existence of a "blog squad" at the U.S. Justice Department. The website, the Muffled Oar writes that a blogging unit formed within the Department of Justice to counter websites with posts, articles, and user comments critical of the Obama administration.  Matthew Miller Director of Public Affair at the Justice Department told the Washington Times,: "There is no 'blog squad'. There is Tracy [Russo] who handles online media.  It’s the policy of the office of public affairs to not post anonymous comments.  We have not seen any evidence that anyone does post comments, and if we did have evidence of that, people would no longer work here."  Mr. Miller countered accusations of the existence of a "blog squad" pointing to what he says is lack of evidence.  "I noticed, actually, that the posts don’t actually point to any evidence of anonymous comments coming from the Department ...

  • Gender bender ACORN scandal in Cleveland

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 8, 2009 Comments

    ACORN has figured out how to register one person more than once.  Establish that individual as the other gender in another alias. Matthew Vadum at the American Spectator writes about an unusual ACORN story involving dual gender aliases and the usual voter fraud.: The activist group ACORN, which has long worked with criminals as it preys on the weak and the troubled, is on the verge of yet another public relations catastrophe.  That's because a cross-dressing Ohio male escort whom ACORN registered multiple times to vote was convicted of full-fledged vote fraud in addition to the lesser crime of voter registration fraud. A spokesman for Cleveland prosecutor Bill Mason confirmed yesterday that a local investigation of ACORN remains wide open. The conviction of Darnell Nash, apparently known by several aliases including Serina "Sexy Slay" Gibbs, is hugely significant for several reasons, not least of which is the fact that ACORN has ...

  • Off the beaten path online: Thirteen Senate Republicans back Obama approps bills

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 8, 2009 Comments

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Thirteen Senate Gop'ers voted for all of President Obama's appropriations bills,  check out the top ten anti-Obamacare videos, and is Obama becoming a joke? TheConservatives.com  Robert Bluey on : Bennett, Hutchison Back Obama Again Despite Challenges at Home According to the Club for Growth, Hutchison and Bennett are among 13 Republicans who have voted for all seven of Obama's appropriations bills. RightWingNews.com (VIDEO)  John Hawkins on: The Top 10 Anti-Obamacare Videos RightWingNews.com lists the 10 best anti-Obamacare videos that have come out so far. Real Clear Politics  David  Paul Kuhn  on: Is Obama Becoming a Joke? Political satire matters when it is larger than the joke. The growing rap on Obama is that he is a man both ineffective and meek; a man who is loved by all and feared by none.  

  • Local news blogging: Deeds crumbling in VA race

    by Anthony BowePublished October 7, 2009 Comments

    The Virginia gubernatorial race is in full control of Republican candidate Robert McDonnell.  Just one month before elections Mr. McDonnell holds an average 7.6 percent poll lead over Democratic opponent Creigh Deeds, and the White House appears to be backing away from full-fledged support of Mr. Deeds. Bloggers in Virginia discuss:Too Conservative: “It’s worth noting exactly how far Deeds has deviated from the campaign model of Warner and Kaine he pledges to follow. Where they de-emphasized social issues, Deeds has made it the centerpiece of his campaign. Where they pledged no tax increases (and quickly betrayed the electorate once elected), Deeds has wedded himself to tax hikes. Where they were able to get business support, Deeds has received none and is instead embraced by unions. Where Warner was able to get votes in rural Virginia and Kaine was able to run up margins in Richmond and NoVa, Deeds seems unable ...

  • VIDEO- Kevin Jennings: Every aspiring teacher should be required to take an LGBT course

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 7, 2009 Comments

    From the American Principles Project: This video comes from NYU's Apr 25, 2008 "Gender, Schooling and New York City" Education Policy Breakfast. Kevin Jennings answers a question about what sort of policy could be implemented to counteract the "negative impact of stereotypes" against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered students by their teachers. (transcript below)   Jennings: "It should be impossible to graduate from NYU or any other school of education without coursework - required coursework - that address issues of [LGBT] bias in the classroom and how it might influence your teaching. [It] should be a graduation requirement. "... you cannot be an effective teacher if you are not aware of how [LGBT] biases can influence how you interact with your students. Pure and simple." "There's some really nice - largly guilty, white, liberal straight people who tend to take the one elective on "bias in schools" we offer, but ...

  • Off the beaten path online: caught on video - Chavez thugs take over land from Venezuelan farmer

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 7, 2009 Comments

    Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: Chavez redistribution thug tactics caught on video, Michael Moore says only a wuss is scared of Al Qaeda, Shocking revelation: Republicans do not watch Keith Olbermann : MichelleMalkin.com  Michelle Malkin on (VIDEO): This is what the thuggish redistribution of wealth looks like A.M. Mora y Leon tipped me to this video last night of Chavista thugs confiscating farms across Venezuela. A.M. notes the parallels to what Lenin, Mao and Castro did: “But this time, some farmer had the presence of mind to turn on his cellphone camera and film the thuggery as it happened.  Gateway Pundit (VIDEO) on: Michael Moore: Only a Wuss Would Be Afraid of Al-Qaeda  The left's favorite movie man socialist Michael Moore was on Hannity discussing his new movie and defending Marxist killer Fidel Castro.  JammieWearingFool  on: The Evidence Is In: No Republicans Watch Olbermann According to TiVo's Power Watch ratings, the ...

  • Video: Michele Bachmann weighs in on ACORN and Coleman/Franken race

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 6, 2009 Comments

      Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) spoke to conservative bloggers at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday.  In the video clip below she discussed ACORN's possible involvement in the Coleman/Franken race this past election as well as her floor speech on school clinics and abortion. Embed Code:   <script type='text/javascript' src='http://www.thenewsroom.com/mash/swf/voxant_player.js?a=V3808469&m=920068&w=400&h=320'></script>

  • AUDIO: Kevin Jennings railed against boy scouts in public school system

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 6, 2009 Comments

    *Updated with information on Scouting for All. Below is audio and a partial transcript of Kevin Jennings', President Obama's safe school czar, thoughts on keeping the Boy Scouts out of the public school system.  This is from a 2000 speaking engagement with his former organization the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in Iowa. In the same speech, Mr. Jennings also advocated for mandating a gay friendly curriculum in the public schools from kindergarten onward. (h/t Chad Thompson http://www.drthrockmorton.com) AUDIO "The Boy Scouts are a private organization, and they therefore should be allowed to do what they want, and we[GLSEN] agree.  They are a private organization, and they should be allowed to do whatever they want, which means they must leave the 11,000 schools where they are officially owned and operated by the district itself.  If you want to have the right to do what you want, because you are private, ...

  • Pelosi mum on Rangle

    by Anthony BowePublished October 6, 2009 Comments

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led an outdoor political rally at the Capitol Tuesday advocating women's health provisions in health care reform packages.Though the gathering was billed as a news conference, Ms. Pelosi wasn't taking any questions.  After trumpeting the benefits of health care reform for women, she made a quick exit toward the Capitol doors.  The San Francisco congresswoman remained tight-lipped as reporters walked beside her asking questions.One of the key questions Ms. Pelosi chose not to answer: Why should Rep. Charles Rangel keep his chairmanship of the Ways and Means committee?Ms. Pelosi dodged the question even as Mr. Rangel promises to be at the center of a bill this week asking for the congressman to resign his chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee.  Ms. Pelosi and House Democrats previously blocked two similar resolutions, including one in February.Rep. John Carter R-TX intends to offer the resolution citing a 15-month-long ...

  • Audio: Safe schools czar wanted to outlaw restrictions of gay-friendly curriculum in schools

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 6, 2009 Comments

    As mentioned in the previous post, President Obama's "safe schools" czar Kevin Jennings addressed his former organization the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in Iowa in 2000.  Mr. Jennings spoke about the promotion of homosexuality in the public school curriculum as well as the inevitability of their (GLSEN) agenda winning.  In the following clip Mr. Jennings discusses why he thinks it is important to have a pro-homosexual curriculum in the public schools starting in kindergarten.: AUDIO. In this next clip Mr. Jennings discusses an upcoming ballot measure in Oregon that would restrict Oregon public schools from promoting homosexuality or bisexuality in the classrooms (measure 9 which failed at the ballot box in 2000).  He says he is not worried about the outcome of the measure.  Mr. Jennings says he is undeterred and believes their win is inevitable.    He further says it will be against the law to discriminate against ...

  • Audio Flashback: Kevin Jennings quotes Karl Marx referencing 1980 Reagan win

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 6, 2009 Comments

      President Obama's "safe schools" czar Kevin Jennings addressed his former organization the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network in Iowa in 2000.  In this audio clip, he talks about Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential win and references it back to a Karl Marx quote.  Mr. Jennings notes that there is an initiative in Oregon (Measure 9...that was defeated in 2000) that would keep the promotion of homosexuality and bisexuality out of the public schools.  He further explains how heterosexuality is promoted in the schools over homosexuality anyway. He explains how children are "aggressively recruited" to become heterosexual and that it does not work.  Mr. Jennings also compares the plight of homosexuals to the attacks on Jewish people and blacks. Here is the rest of the audio transcribed : Mr. Jennings says: AUDIO "Anita Bryant was also for homophobia.  She started a campaign in the late seventies called 'save our children.' which ...

  • Off the beaten path online: ACORN threw out GOP voter registrations...

    by Kerry PicketPublished October 6, 2009 Comments

      Today's Water Cooler lineup of off the beaten path online stories are: ACORN embezzlement was $5 million says La. attorney general, Harry Reid lectures GOP on patriotism, ACORN accused of throwing out GOP voter registrations. : Nola.com  Robert Travis Scott  on: ACORN embezzlement was $5 million, La. attorney general says Louisiana's attorney general has broadened the scope of an investigation of ACORN to include a possible embezzlement of $5 million a decade ago within the community organization, five times more than previously reported. Gateway Pundit (VIDEO) on: Harry "This War Is Lost" Reid Lectures Republicans On Patriotism Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) just delivered a paint-peeling denunciation of the GOP's opposition to Democrats' health care reform proposals -- saying conservatives are so blinded by their desire to defeat President Obama they cheered the Chicago's loss of the Olympics. Atlas Shrugs  Pamela Gellar  on: ACORN Threw out Republican voter registrations In February of 2009 Fathiyyah Muhammad of Jacksonville, ...

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