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Andy Parks Live from The Washington Times Archive: September 2011

  • Pics From On High (aka Washington Monument)

    Who are these guys? Are you brave enough to scale the Monument? Published September 29 2011

  • Inside The Beltway

    Our day wouldn't be complete without a trip Inside The Beltway with Jennifer Harper: Published September 26 2011

  • Redskins, Cowboys TONIGHT

    Are You Ready For Some Football? We check in with Rich Campbell for a preview of tonight's MNF: Published September 26 2011

  • Travel Mysteries

    By air or by sea, we had an oddly long list of travel related mysteries today: Published September 22 2011

  • Elizabeth Warren Goes Viral

    Have you seen the latest viral video on class warfare? Check out Elizabeth Warren here: Published September 22 2011

  • The Jobless Economy

    Emily Miller writes: President Obama is asking Congress to raise taxes on job creators to pay for his “jobs” bill. On Monday, Mr. Obama said the Joint Select Committee for Deficit Reduction should find another $450 billion in deficit reduction... Published September 21 2011

  • Pres Obama To The UN

    President Obama address the UN, we go to Stephen Dinan for the latest: Published September 21 2011

  • NFL Impostor Strikes...

    What's up with the NFL impostor? We ask reporter Patrick Hruby: Published September 21 2011

  • Time To Go... Inside The Beltway!

    We do it every day at 3:36pm.... time to go Inside The Beltway with Jennifer Harper! Published September 21 2011

  • Hillary For President?

    Could this really be the year for President Hillary Clinton? We check in with Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker... Published September 21 2011

  • Confidence Man

    From The Today Show: President Obama’s leadership in his early days in office is called into question by members of his own economic team in a new book by Ron Suskind. But the White House has sharply slapped back... Published September 20 2011

  • Yum! $16 Muffins!

    Our investigative team is scouring through the Justice Department report on “extravagant and wasteful” costs for food, beverages and event planning. Chuck Neubauer joins us to tell us what he's learned so far... Published September 20 2011

  • Governor BUSTED

    From Boston's WBZ TV: Governor Deval Patrick did walk to a morning event on Beacon Hill — a stone’s throw from the Statehouse — but was quick to sheepishly admit that he probably hadn’t set the best example earlier in the day. “You got me!”... Published September 20 2011

  • Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Buffet Rule

    If you follow her on Twitter you know that Emily Miller, Senior Editor for the Opinion Pages, is all over the Buffet Rule... hear it ALL here! Published September 20 2011

  • DC City Council Back In Session...

    DC City Council is back in session today. The Washington Times' Tom Howell Jr is on it: Published September 20 2011

  • Solyndra Legal Fees

    We get the very latest on the Solyndra story with Investigative Reporter Jim McElhatton: Published September 20 2011

  • Inside The Beltway!

    Jennifer writes in today's Inside The Beltway: With a certain 1950s B-movie melodrama, the economy has morphed into a menacing entity in the minds of American voters. “Who or what is the greatest threat to the United States?” ... Published September 20 2011

  • Charlie Rangel: Party Crasher

    From CBS News: Texas Gov. Rick Perry got an unexpected welcoming party when the GOP presidential candidate arrived in Harlem today: Longtime Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel... Published September 20 2011

  • There's An App For That...

    Tim Devaney brings us two great stories today... Published September 20 2011

  • Obama Speaks - Class Warfare or MATH?

    President Obama lays out his plan to cut $3 trillion from the national debt. Is it class warfare? Or is it math? Published September 19 2011