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Andy Parks Live from The Washington Times Archive: January 2012

  • It's Time For Paul Samakow

    Attorney Paul Samakow joins Andy Parks Live From The Washington Times, every Wednesday at 5:15pm. Topics on deck today include... Published January 25 2012

  • John Kerry

    John Kerry at The White House Published January 23 2012

  • Paul Samakow Joins Andy Parks Live From The Washington Times

    Attorney Paul Samakow, every Wednesday at 5:15pm!! Published January 18 2012

  • What About Wind Energy?

    We're talking wind energy with Steve Trenholm, CEO, EOn Climate and Renewables, Jimmy Glotfelty, Exec VP external affairs, Clean Line Energy Partners and John Purcell, VP for wind energy, Leeco Steel LLC Published January 17 2012

  • Senator Jim DeMint

    Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina joins us Published January 13 2012

  • Chris Core Joins Us

    WTOP Host Chris Core shares his reflections on his years with Bill Trumbull at WMAL Published January 11 2012

  • Live Results From New Hampshire

    Check Out Results From The New Hampshire Primary, As They Come In: Published January 10 2012

  • Holland Taylor at The Kennedy Center

    The one and only Holland Taylor joins Andy Parks, Live From The Washington Times! Published January 4 2012

  • Iowa Caucus Live Results

    Get Iowa Caucus Results HERE!!! Published January 3 2012

  • Steve Deace Live From Iowa

    Steve Deace, nationally syndicated talk show host and author of the new book, "We Won't get fooled again: Where the Christian Right went wrong and how to make America Right again," joins us live from Iowa. Published January 3 2012